26 August 2005

And so it begins.....

So. A first post. I remember hearing Garrison Keillor say once that the reason all his monologues start with the same first sentence is that he always knew where to start, or something like that. I've been pondering starting this post for months now. What to say? and why blog? and what to blog about?

I started reading blogs last winter, when I was teaching a class on literacy and technology and was researching online communities along with my students. I did a demo presentation on Mama blogs for them, and I got hooked. First I got drawn into the posts, and more recently I've been reading the comments. And feeling voyeuristic, eventually, even though I've slowly started to comment a bit more on some of the blogs I read.

So I'm going to give it a go...partly to try some writing discipline for myself, partly to feel more balanced (if I'm going to read others' stories, might as well tell some of my own in return), partly to enjoy the writing of short pieces with no particular deadline. We'll see how it goes.


elswhere said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, and thanks much for your nice comment on my post. That is so cool that you did a demonstration on mom blogs for your students. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

susan said...

My first comment!!! thanks so much, elswhere!