15 October 2005

Housekeeping Post: Talking about Reading

Just a short note to let you know about a template addition I've made. I noticed Phantom Scribbler's sidebar displaying random books from her library. I've started my own Library Thing account, and I'm using it to record what we're reading at bedtime around here (and sometimes what we're reading during the day, too). Curious Girl's books take up most of the list since we go through more of her choices more quickly. I've taken to adding comments about the books in my Library Thing account (which you can click through to as you like). I really like reading about what other bloggers have to say about reading. Jody has a great monthly post about her children's reading experiences (like this one from August). Elswhere (librarian-mother she) has written wonderfully reflective posts about books, too. I've learned a lot as I've read about what other bloggers think about what they're reading, so I'm returning the favor in my own little way.


Phantom Scribbler said...

What a great idea! I'll have to start adding in the kids' books (I've only been adding the ones I bought for myself).

Your comments on the books are really useful, too. Can I start using you as a preschool NYT Book Review?

Piece of Work said...

One of the few things that disturbs me about blogging is that I never read anymore. I LOVE blogging, but it is what I do whenever the kids are sleeping or otherwise engaged. I can't remember the last time I read a book, and I hate that. Perhaps this will inspire me .. .

susan said...

I can't go to bed without reading something (even if I'm so tired that the words swim and I have to reread it the next day). But I'm certainly taking longer to finish things than I used to. I wish I liked short stories more!

I'm honored to be a source of book recommendations, Phantom. Two books that are complete and utter favorits around here, and are not yet listed, are Mo Willem's Knuffle Bunny and Peggy Rathmann's The Day the Babies Crawled Away. Knuffle Bunny is a must-read for anyone with (or the parent of anyone with) a comfort item, and for people who love New York--it's a wonderful story about Trixie and her bunny who gets lost in a Brooklyn laundromat. And The Day the Babies Crawled Away has some of the best art in any kid's book, along with fabulous scansion in a wonderful story (fantasy?) about a big kid who looks after babies having a remarkable adventure while all the parents are too busy. It's been our baby gift of choice lately. I'll get them into my library thing eventually (for the moment, I'm strictly sticking to books actually read since I started the account).