10 October 2005

How to Talk so Your Parents Will Listen

Actual conversation in our house this morning, when I'm just about to head downstairs to make breakfast, Politica is still in bed but is awake, and Curious Girl is angling for attention in light of the fact that I'm about to head downstairs (plus, she gets to watch Clifford while Politica showers):

"Mommy, you are not getting up!" she says to Politica. "I'm not going to be happy if you're not getting up. I'm only going to be happy if you're getting up." Politica stretches, sits up, and gets out of bed. "Yay! Mommy!! You got up. I'm so happy that you got up. I so proud of you. Mama is happy you got up, too. We so proud of you."

Guess which parenting book is one of our favorites? Maybe Faber and Mazlich (who have now written How To Teach So Your Students Will Learn) can also spin off one for toddlers.

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Yankee T said...

I love CG.