02 October 2005

My Weekend, in Numbers

Inspired by jo(e), here's one way to look at my weekend:

  • Percentage of Curious Girl's parents who are in a different time zone: 50
  • How many hours past CG's bedtime she stayed up last night: 4
  • Number of tempers lost about the previous fact: 1
  • Morpheus rating of temper-losing (where 0=none at all and 10=child falls asleep instantly): 0
  • How many doors slammed in temper-losing episode: 1
  • How many guilty feelings immediately created by said episode: countless
  • How many good ideas that finally emerged after losing temper: 2 (one, call Politica in different timezone; two, apologize to CG and say "let's do laughing therapy. I'll start. Ha ha ha ha hoo hoo hoo hoo hee hee hee hee etc." which led to many giggles. Then we slept.)
  • Number of adorable smiles from CG in the four hours past bedtime period: a trillion
  • Cutest thing CG said as her mama tried to recover calm while reading blogs in the post-bedtime period when CG was supposed to be quietly reading on the bed in the computer room: [stage whisper, with hands framing her mouth] I'm not on the bed. I'm not on the bed. Mama, I'm not on the bed.
  • How many ways this morning was better than last night: bazillions
  • How many meals CG helped me cook today: 2
  • How many times CG pooped in her pants today: 2
  • How many times CG pooped in her pants yesterday: 1
  • How many times CG peed in her pants today: 4
  • How many months since CG has been allegedly potty trained: 8
  • How many people I expect to take comfort and maybe even laugh at those last few items: at least one (but maybe more--who knows who's reading this)
  • How many hours spent in the pool today: 1
  • How many cool accomplishments in that hour: 1 (Curious Girl dogpaddled on her own! first with a noodle and then all by herself)
  • How many times, on average, Barney Goes to the Dentist got read at each meal: 2
  • How many days of glorious weather we had: 2
  • How many walks we took: 3
  • How many art projects CG produced: 5 (some in ephemeral media like sidewalk chalk)
  • How many dead relatives CG cried for over the course of the weekend: 1
  • How many invisible family members created by CG this weekend: 5 (1 baby (hers), 1 sister, 1 brother, 1 dog, 1 cat)
  • How many invisible family members require real plates and food at meals: 1 (CG's baby, who only needs baby-sized portions)
  • How many papers I read and responded to: 17
  • How many classes I still need to prep for tomorrow: 1
  • Adorable rating of CG while sleeping: through the roof
  • Ratio of splendid to highly irritating events of the weekend: 4:1
  • Of splendid and highly irritating events, which one had disproportionate effect on my mood: highly irritating
  • How many sappy children's books helped fix my mood: 1 (I Love You, Little One, by Nancy Tafuri. CG asked me at the end "Do you love me mama?" and my heart melted.)


jo(e) said...

Nice adaptation. And what a great peek into your life.

susan said...

Thanks for coming by, jo(e). There were a number of blog posts I read (while CG was not on the bed) that eventually helped me figure out a way to be less whiny, and putting this into numbers really helped.

Yankee T said...

Susan, jo(e)s blog is one of my favorites...she has fixed many a night for me.

Piece of Work said...

what a great list! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

Phantom Scribbler said...

I totally heart you, Susan. And not just because of your solidarity in ineffective poopiness!

How I admire your ability to cope and laugh while your partner is out of town! I sometimes think I am going to lose it if Mr. Blue goes to work for more than 4 hours.

Number of times I had to read the book Red to Baby Blue while trying to type this comment: 9.

susan said...

Gee, shucks, Phantom!