20 November 2005

Fabulous Potatoes

Here's the recipe for the utterly fabulous oven baked potatoes we made last night. Falcon Claw had already mixed a batch of Baby Bam (it keeps for 3 months in an airtight container).

Mix 2T Baby Bam and 3T olive oil. Take 4-6 baking potatoes and cut them in half lengthwise, then cut each half into 8 wedges. I helped Falcon Claw use a chef's knife--his first experience with a really sharp knife--when the steak knife he was trying to use just wasn't safely cutting. I put my hand over his hand to guide the rocking motion of the chef's knife and I did the last few wedge cuts where the knife was closer to my hand (so hopefully his mother isn't having a heart attack reading this. Safety first in the granola kitchen as we encourage cooking independence and creativity!). With a younger child, obviously, an adult would do the chopping. Toss the wedges with the oil-spice mixture and then lay them on a baking sheet.

Cook them for 15 minutes at 450 (on a low oven shelf). After 15 minutes, remove the tray, flip the wedges, and cook for another 15 minutes. Then enjoy! They are great dipped in ranch dressing or just eaten alone; they were good warm, and still good when the cooled off. Yum.


Piece of Work said...

Sounds divine!

Mommygoth said...

I mean, really - oil, spice and potatoes? How can you go wrong with that?

susan said...

Seriously, these are great potatoes. But don't take my word for it--make them yourselves! And welcome, mommygoth!