17 December 2005

Teaching Carnival IV

Welcome to those of you stopping by here from the teaching carnival (my new year's resolution is to post more about the professional side of my life, but my post about sexualized comments at the end of the semester got included in the carnival New Kid on the Hallway hosted. It's a wonderful collection of posts (which made me think, btw, that carnivals are a great way to teach literature review strategies (assuming students who want to learn them, that is. If you teach literature reviews, you'll find this post very funny.).

It's a great carnival, and thanks to New Kid for putting it together so thoroughly!

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Scrivener said...

Seeing this post reminded me that I meant to drop you a line asking if it was ok for me to've tagged that post for inclusion to the carnival. But since you noted it here, I guess it was ok, which makes me glad.