28 February 2006

In Which I Assure Phantom That Someday She, Too, May Be the Parent of An Almost-Four-Year-Old Who is Outgrowing 18 Month Clothing

Or, random little updates.

Phantom posted yesterday, among other things, that Baby Blue needs to gain some weight. I know that Andrea has probably the smallest child of any of the mama/papa blogs I read, and I found myself thinking about Frances and Baby Blue this morning when we discovered that an 18 month outfit (totally adorable denim flowered pants and jacket with a pink flowered shirt) that Curious Girl had picked out is almost too small. If she were in sixth grade and at all concerned about whether her pants touch her shoes, it would definitely be too small. High waters and all that. But for today, for an almost 3.75 year old girl, the outfit was pronounced just fine for one last wearing. And then we will be onto size 2T clothes, yippee! (CG actually outweighted BB by 2 pounds at 17 months, but she weighed between 20-21 pounds for almost a year. SInce she's been 3 she's been weighing 23-24 pounds. I'm rooting for her to hit 25 pounds at her 4 year old checkup, mostly so our developmental pediatrician will stop worrying.)

Other random snippets from our life: I posted about my travails with our dinner ritual a few weeks ago. I'm happy to announce, that at least for the past week, I'm in! CG now says "I love my mommy, and I love my mama, and I love our family." Which is pretty much what Politica and I have been saying, and she's finally caught on. Yea me. Sometimes patience pays off.

And finally, on Lawrence Welk. Our PBS station was showing Lawrence Welk during a fundraiser, and I watched some with CG as a little reward for sitting still for eyedrops for pinkeye. I'd hoped for Olympic coverage, but it was too early for Olympics. But not too early for Lawrence Welk. I was appalled: he introduced an African-American tap dancer as "a credit to his race"! Talk about things I didn't notice when watching this every Sunday night with my grandma growing up. ANd the cheesy cultural appropriation, fake Italian accents. But I had to laugh. At one point, CG pointed to one of the groovy, '70s looking Lawrence Welk singers and said "he looks like an old President." And I guess he did look like one of those groovy '70's haircut guys on our old placemats. And then, when couples started dancing to one of the songs, and one of the women had big blonde hair piled on her head, CG said "Barbie! Barbie came." So when people complain that Barbie is not realistic, I will now say, "No, she's perfectly realistic. She looks like a Lawrence Welk dancer."

Speaking of CG, time to run to pick her up, so I'll cut this randomness short.


Phantom Scribbler said...

Hooray for the improved dinner ritual!

Mommygoth said...

Isn't it amazing how horrifying such recent history is in retrospect?

peripateticpolarbear said...

an old president! hee!

Deb said...

The "African American tap dancer" you mentioned was almost certainly Arthur Duncan - a famous and fabulous tapper extraordinaire and the first (I believe) black solo artist on LW or any mainstream (ie white) American variety show. I was just at a tap show last week in San Francisco and he flew up from LA to participate. He is an older guy now, but man can he tap the shoes off anyone around. Totally breathtaking. He made several jokes about his years on LW. But he made it, folks!
(for more info on this amazing man, a quick google search turned up
http://www.okcu.edu/Dance_amgt/arthurduncan.html )
De-lurking to toss my two cents in.

susan said...

Thanks for delurking with such interesting info (what can I post about that will encourage you to comment more :)?) That is the name--I could only remember his first name and that's why I didn't use it in the post.

He was a great dancer on LW, too. Definitely better quality dancing entertainment than the cheesy singing, although that's not much of a compliment in itself I realize. He was quite good.