20 February 2006

A Short Olympic Post in the Form of a Poll

For those who want to think about the Olympics with a shorter post, a poll:

Ice dancing: is it a sport? And if it is a sport, do you think ballroom dancing should appear in the summer Olympics?

Can you listen to Carmen (Navka and Kostomarov's ice dance music) without flashing back to Gilligan's Island's musical Hamlet? Politica and I were singing "Neither a borrower nor a lender be, do not forget, stay out of debt..." at one point during the performance.


Ianqui said...

I guess it's a sport, but it's so boring. I regret that I just spent a few hours watching it, but it was only because I had it on in the background as I coded my data.

And what is with all of those dancers wearing Wonder Woman headbands?

M. said...

I think one of the most athletic things I saw tonight was the staring-and-glaring contest between those two Italian skaters who fell last night and then refused to speak to each other until they were actually ON THE ICE to do their routine tonight. It rivalled any looks my mother and I ever gave each other during my adolescence.

susan said...

Politica's running commentary was "cool...not a sport. Oh, look at that! but it's not a sport." And we decided that any event in which an outfit like that worn by the Ukrainian team is legitimate gear just can't possibly be a sport. I found the faux-pasties more tasteless than the wonderwoman headbands (but then, what good lesbian of my age didn't have a crush on wonder woman/lynda carter?)

The Italian moods were amazing, though.

J. said...

Seems like more of a hobby than a sport. Is curling in the same category? I agree about the pasties. Honestly, the channel surfing started when the ice dancing began. Bring back Torvill and Dean and I'll stay tuned!

elswhere said...

I loved the Russians! But yeah, totally not a sport.

Mommygoth said...

Not a sport. But then again, I don't think bowling is a sport either. And I'm pretty sure it is considered to be one by the masses.

Here's where my blog gets mobbed by angry bowlers......

dr. m(mmm) aka The Notorious P.H.D. said...

I love this question. I have the hardest time figuring out the difference between a sport, a game, a race, a physically challenging aesthetic event, and a pastime. If you watch the sport channel on cable TV, it appears that car racing and poker are both sports.

My favorites in the Olympics right now are the short track ice skating and the skeleton (but skeleton is just a dangerous face-first slide, right?)

JM said...

This has always been my rule: if you can legally drink while participating in the game, it's not a sport (see: bowling, bocce, curling, etc). Of course, by that rule ice dancing _is_ a sport, so what do I know.

susan said...

Interesting comments, all (and welcome dr. mmmm!). I'm more likely to grant car-racing sport status than poker (although both are sports on ESPN presumably because they are things many men like to do, and many men watch ESPN. By that line of reasoning, scrapbooking could be a sport, too, it being something many women like to do.)

Bowling, though, seems a sport. It has a ball. Why is bowling not a sport? (b/c you can drink, julie says.)

I'm loathe to go with any criteria that disses curling. I love curling.

Songbird said...

"And there's one other thing, that you must do,
to thine own self be true."
Carmen is absolutely ruined for me. And I knew I loved my then-not-yet-husband when he could sing the middle lines I can never remember.
The ice dancing was frightful, and the costumes horrifying.

liz said...

Not a sport.

My criteria is: If it has to be done to music or if it's done sitting down at a table, then it's not a sport.

Figure skating and women's gymnastics (Floor exercises only) also don't count. Art yes. Sport, no.

Take away the music on the gymnastics (after all, the men don't do THEIR floor exercises to music) and you've got a sport. Take away the music on the figure skating -- just do the jumps and spins and stuff by themselves and you've got a sport. Ice dancing will NEVER be a sport.