20 March 2006

Off Again

Apologies for two rather content-less posts in a row, and infrequent posts at that. But I'm off again, to the Big City With the Baseball Team that Always Loses, to hang with several thousand of my professional colleagues. And with my best professional friend, with whom I share a room and generally have a groovy conference rhythm: we work out, we go to a lot of the same things, we have dinner dates with some of the same people each year and that generally makes the conference seem familiar, predictable, comfortable. I'm looking forward to it, even though I'm not going to have half as much fun as jo(e) seems to.(Come join us for breakfast on Thursday morning--details at jo(e)'s.)

Some things I could be blogging about, if I didn't need to pack tonight:
  • the fact that Curious Girl now has her Very Own Bedroom with her Very Own Very Big Bed in which she is sleeping all by herself. "And I didn't even cry!" she said with some wonder this morning. (No, she did not sleep there all night alone, but it's true, she didn't cry.)
  • Curious Girl's observation, while at a nature center near my parents', that Warm Sunny Place is just like Cold Northern Place. OK, here's an argument against psuedonymous blogging: what she really said, while standing on a boardwalk in a Florida wetlands on a humid day, was "this is just like Alaska." How was your trip to Florida, people have been asking me, and I'm resisting the temptation to say, "Oh, it was just like Alaska." (She sort of has a point, in that there are boardwalks in Florida and boardwalks in Alaska, and through them, you can see water.)
  • Curious Girl's obsession with the Marvelous Toy, Marc Rossio. She saw him at a concert recently and we (wisely? foolishly?) bought his new CD. And now it's the only songs that will do.
  • thoughts on home renovation, drywall dust, and the bacteria-inducing possibilities of whirlpool tubs. We can't decide what kind of tub to put in our bathroom, and since our old tub got taken out while we were in that place that's just like Alaska, there's no turning back.

March isn't an easy month for me, but April should be easier, and I hope to get back to writing more here. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


Mommygoth said...

Yay for big girl beds!

FauxClaud said...

Ummmm..about tubs.

IF you are looking into a wirlpool tub..meaning you want nice bubbles and heat and all that Jazz...then look into Bain Ultra Tubs.

They use warm air to make the buibbles..hence no water in the pipes, nothing to "grow" the nasty molds and buggies..AND you can use bath oils with them..they come in a huge slew of sizes and shapes and fun features..including colored lights for mood enhanacement. Can't ask for more