31 March 2006

A Shabbat Moment, in Poetry

A friend lent me Marge Piercy's collection The Art of Blessing the Day, and I'm enjoying reading through it, although in a week crowded with meetings, and with a sinus throbbing, I've not had quite as much time to read as I'd like. So it's an apt moment for this poem on a Friday evening, and I wish you all--reading on Friday and Saturday, or any day--moments of loosening and letting go. "What you have spoiled, let it go..." and enjoy.

Shabbat Moment

A scarf trailing
over the lilac sunset
fair weather clouds
cirrus uncinus
silk chiffon
Twilight softens the air,
whispering, come
lie down with me.

Untie the knots of the will.
your clenched grip
barren hills of bone.
Here, no edges to hone,
only the palm fallen
open as a rose about
to toss its petals.

What you have made,
what you have spoiled
let go.
Let twilight empty
the crowded rooms
quiet the jostling colors
to hues of swirling water
pearls of fog.

This is the time
for letting time go
like a released balloon
Tilt your neck and let
your face open to the sky
like a pond catching light
drinking the darkness.


Bobita said...

I've been lurking around your site for a few weeks. I just wanted to let you know...I LOVE your blog.

And, this poem...WOW!

jo(e) said...

Beautiful. Thanks.

susan said...

Welcome, Bobita! Lurk as much as you want, although I'jm always thrilled when people leave comments, too. I'm glad you did. (And hi again, jo(e)!)

cloudscome said...

oh thank you. lovely. now I can relax.