28 July 2006

Friday Poetry, in honor of Muffin Man and Ella

I love, love, love watching children learn to read--and the next bext thing to watching it happen is reading about it on some of my favorite blogs. So here's a Friday poem in honor of Ella and Muffin Man. It's "The First Book," by Rita Dove:

Open it.

Go ahead, it won't bite.
Well...maybe a little.

More a nip, like. A tingle.
It's pleasurable, really.

You see, it keeps on opening.
You may fall in.

Sure, it's hard to get started;
remember learing to use

knife and fork? Dig in:
You'll never read the bottom.

It's not like it's the end of the world--
just the world as you think

you know it.

May Ella, Muffin Man, and all the young readers out there (like Suzoz's Olle) find a lifetime of pleasure in words.


liz said...

That's beautiful.

Scrivener said...

Thanks! I love that poem too. It's in that Poetry Speaks to Children collection I was talking about a while back, too.

Genevieve said...

Fabulous poem. I love Rita Dove -- read her "Thomas and Beulah" in college, and was thrilled a couple years later when she was named poet laureate. (Did you ever see her on Sesame Street, when Big Bird thought she was the poet, Laurie Ett?)

I have to get a copy of Poetry Speaks to Children.