15 July 2006

Update: Ring On Finger! (Was Breaking News: Ring in Duct)

I'm editing this post about 5 minutes after publishing it, so probably no one had time to read it anyway, but good news: The World's Best Babysitter and Politica are definitely the people to have on the job. WBB fished my wedding ring out of the duct with a bent hanger after Politica vaccuumed up stuff.

What I originally posted: I'm not sure why I feel the need to share this with all of you, but the breaking news around here is that Curious Girl managed to drop my wedding ring down the air conditioning duct (I'm not sure how--I think it got knocked down by a blanket she was trying to carry out to the dining room, but the fact that she announced she was going into the bedroom to get something and didn't want to tell us what it was suggests she may have had the bright idea to go and wear my rings for a while).

Recovery efforts are underway as I type. Politica is trying to vacuum up the duct to see if the ring will come up, and the World's Best Babysitter, who came down for the day, is offering moral support and good ideas. Curious Girl is hovering, trying to figure out if anyone is upset, and interested in all the manuevers with the vaccuum.

It's a ring, one that can be replaced; fortunately the ring that went down wasn't the estate ring that Politica gave me at our civil union ceremony. The lost ring is newer and replaceable. So I feel sort of more and less upset, not exactly angry at CG since she made a mistake she couldn't have predicted. But still, I did love that ring. As CG would say, "It's so very special to me."

And even though I often take my rings off in the winter because my hands get so dry that I'm always using lotion, and even though I took them off this week because of all the sunscreen we were applying, I miss it. Right now I'm wearing the one ring, missing the other. And blogging, since that at least makes me think that I'm doing something about it.


peripateticpolarbear said...


liz said...

Hooray for getting the ring back!

M. said...

I'm so glad!

I lost my ring about a week after my wedding - it was gone for all of 3 minutes before I found it (in my bag), but I think my heart stopped briefly.

Glad yours is back where it belongs.

jo(e) said...

See, blogging about something DOES bring it back. I think Profgrrrl has done studies on this.

TDharma said...

where there's a will there's a way. so glad the ring has been restored to its proper place on your finger.