29 September 2006

Throwing Away Pharaoh, Wishes for Happy New Year, and Help from Julie

"I threw away Pharoah," Curious Girl said to me at 6:15 a.m. on Tuesday, after informing me that the sun was PINK! and wondering was it wakeup time just yet. "You threw away Pharoah?" I said, somewhat groggily. "Yes, I threw away Pharoah, because he's so mean. I threw him away," and she gestured emphatically.

"You mean, in your head, in your imagination, you threw him away so you wouldn't have to think about him?" She looked at me with that sort of exasperated pity that four-year olds have much of for parents who don't follow their mental leaps. "No. For real. With the baby birdseed."

Ah yes, the baby birdseed. Tashlich.
which we did this year after the family service for Rosh Hashanah, using birdseed at the pond on the property. We'd talked all together about some things we might like to toss away: meltdowns, lack of patience, grumpiness. But CG took a different tack, and threw away someone mean, someone scary. Not a bad way to start the year, just tossing out the bad.


Some bloggy maintenance, from Julie, who always knows her stuff: any bloglines readers should reformat the feeds you've subscribed to http://granolacrunchy.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/full. That should keep you up to date--which assumes, of course, that there are posts here to be up to date on. Being a good department chair is making me a not-so-good blogger, but believe me, I've tons of posts brewing in my head. My big challenge as chair: keeping time to write (both academic stuff and blog stuff). And my current wonder about blogger beta: why won't my expandable posts work anymore? I miss them. And you probably miss them too, since I can go on a bit. The folds are nice.


Back to the new year: I found the camera! (the first version of this post had no photo). I forgot to take the picture until we'd eaten half the loaf, so you have to imagine a full circle. But it sort of looked like Phantom's. I also can't find Phantom's post in which she photographed her beautiful Rosh Hashana challah--but as you can see, ours was similar, only covered in sprinkled colored sugar and cookie sprinkles. Curious Girl wanted to take challah to school to share with her friends, and when I said they could dip it in honey for a sweet new year wish, she wanted to put chocolate chips in it. "That's my good idea, to make a sweet year," she said. I wasn't sure chips in bread dough would work out, so we did the sprinkles on top. It was pretty tasty, but not so pretty after the first three days. We talked about why it was braided round (the year goes round and round, I was trying to tell her), and when I said, "can you tell when one year ends and another starts?" she said "I can!" How, I wondered. "Because we make round challah." (this was, I have to point out, the very first year of round challah, but it became an insta-year-detecting tradition). Very funny.


So I'm late in wishing anyone celebrating a new-ish year a sweet one, but good wishes are never out of style, right? So good new year to you and yours; happy October to you and yours. Here's to a fall full of words for us all: I'm liking my new job, but I'm missing my blogs. So a call to renew some habits is quite timely for me.


JM said...

if you're using the layouts template, the code for expandable posts is entirely different and i haven't written it yet. sorry.

but i'm glad you blogged something again! i made super minestrone today and thought of you guys. i pretty much think about you guys everytime I cook something. it would make a lot more sense if i actually ever _met_ you!

susan said...

I think about you when I cook, too! And surely someday we'll meet, and in the meantime, it's just kinda cool.

And I"m incredibly impressed that I don't blog for weeks, I finally post, and get a comment from you right away! That made me smile (and feel less incompetent about my lack of expandable posts.)

JM said...

well, when you don't blog for weeks and your blog link turns bold in my always-on feed reader, it's like a PAR-TAY! that is, it's reason to run right over and hang out.

susan said...

Aww.... of course, if you were here hanging out in real life, you'd be just in time to see us heading off to bed, slightly grumpy b/c we ran out of milk and thus missed our nightly cocoa. It's bedtime here in the heartland!

JM said...

it's bedtime in california too!

here's to hoping you find time to write more, and soon (and get some milk at the store).

liz said...

Happy New Year to you too. And a great big hug to your whole family.

art-sweet said...

Wishing you all a very very happy New Year! Curious Girl makes me laugh. I wish we could throw out our pharoah...

Genevieve said...

A very happy new year to you and Politica and Curious Girl!