23 November 2006


I'd forgotten how much fun it is to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with Curious Girl. (In fact, the patter of the hosts and the incessant commercials are so irritating that CG is pretty much the highlight of the parade-viewing experience.) She runs up to the TV and talks to the balloons. "Oh! Scooby Doo! You're my favorite character! Do you want a bone? Mama, help him talk! Do you want a bone? Oh, good. Are you full? Do you want another one?" Snoopy got kisses. Dora got peppered with questions about why she had so many strings coming off her. "To keep me safe," Dora explained, "so I don't fly up too high and get lost or hurt." "Oh, that's such a good idea!" CG responded. "My moms always keep me safe."

We got to see the Barbie float twice (on two different channels). After the first one, CG said, 'I didn't know she was going to have a tiara. I'll have to get mine, too." So there she was, building with tinkertoys, wearing a tiara, talking to the Barbie on TV.

It's quiet in the house now. CG is finally asleep, although Politica is still in with her. Our friends have gone home, the cats are recovering from a houseful of children who spent a long time hunting for the cats, and I'm feeling happy and lucky. Angry Pregnant Lawyer's Thanksgiving post mentioned the luck she had in sitting next to her best friend from law school or getting to work with another friend in her first job. That got me thinking about my own luck. I got lucky when I went to new faculty orientation, and I looked around the room and thought "that one looks like someone to sit next to." And so I met Pseudonymless Friend, although it took us the better part of the year to actually cultivate the friendship, we both being rather shy in some respects. It's hard to believe their oldest child is already 10! Time has flown, and I'm grateful that our friendship--and the friendships among our children--has blossomed over time. Our friends here really are family to us, and I'm grateful for the networks we've woven over time.

Some other friends couldn't come for dinner, so came for lunch and playtime instead. They marveled at Curious Girl's eating, and that's something else I'm grateful for. I still remember nights when I almost didn't believe she'd ever eat normally. And I love watching her eat.

Our dining room had a beautiful spray of flowers in it, a surprise happy gift from Politica and CG to me. I love my family, and I love the home we create together. I'm lucky.

Holidays aren't always easy. For those readers celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you good food and good company. And readers elsewhere, may you have a good weekend nourished by what feeds you.


Rev Dr Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Politica and Curious Girl!

Arwen said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Those sound like blessings indeed.

PPB said...

that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a morning, and indeed a day.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.