20 January 2007


How to tell that you are teh fun middle-aged mama: when your daughter says, "mama, do you want to roll down the hill with me?" you say yes, and then you get motion sick. (In my defense, it was a very big hill. Dizzymaking for the 44 year old roller, not so much for the 4 year old roller.)

In case anyone out there has adopted Curious Girl's habit of using duper as an intensifier, here's how to express even more intensity. That is super duper cooper fun! Curious Girl was heard to say about some wondrous object in the car. Rhyming intensity.

More seriously--although there are few things more serious than my love of language--thank you all for those lovely comments on the previous post. It's an honor to share my stories with you. I'm glad you're reading.


Scrivener said...

Whether you got motion sick or not is immaterial. When CG asked if you wanted to roll down the hill, you said yes, which makes you "teh fun middle-aged mama" in my book.

ppb said...

And I'm super duper cooper happy you're writing them!

Politica said...

I, on the other hand, am teh boring middle-aged (really? already?) mommy. When asked if I wanted to roll down the hill, I said no. But then, I get motion sick in a hammock. Really.