31 March 2007

The Perfect Wine for Department Chairs

Last night we had Herding Cats wine (distributed by a company named for my favorite childhood carton character: Underdog Wine Merchants). You can see their label in this post from a wine blog.

I'm light on content these days, but at least I'm posting again. These light posts are part of my effort to regain my balance by finding the funny amidst the semester's hectic pace. Herding Cats wine made me laugh when I saw it at the grocery, and it tasted pretty good, too.


Arwen said...

Good tip, thanks!
I think that a little light posting can be a good thing - if it helps, of course. Whatever you write, I'll read!

PPB said...

I will be looking for herding cats wine near me!

Scrivener said...

I could use something to help me herd the cats too, so thanks for the tip.