29 March 2007

We're Having Matzah, Of Course

I bought a box of organic matzoh at Whole Paycheck today (Promised Land brand--they're not bad, actually) and Curious Girl wanted to eat them right away. Politica pointed out that next week, it'll be all matzoh all the time, and she might want to wait, but CG wanted matzah, and chocolate. So we had some matzah and nutella after dinner. As I was getting it out, I heard CG say to Politica, "I love my matzah!" to which I replied, "Well, then have I got the holiday for you!" "Passover?" she said. I nodded. "We're having matzah, of course!" she pointed out with glee.

The other night she was in the bath, and I heard her singing a little bit of "Ma Nishtanah" (the four questions about why Passover is different from other nights, usually sung by the youngest person who's able to sing it), which then morphed into "Under the Sea," (from The Little Mermaid) and then into "Down by the Bay," and back into some pseudo-Hebrew. "I want to sing those at our seder, Mama!" she called. Since it's the time of year when thoughts turn to seder rituals, I thought I'd toss the medley out there for anyone looking for something a little less traditional. Who knows, the water-themed Ma Nishtanah could become a family legend.

A few random thoughts to close: Matzah and nutella go well together, in case anyone wondered. I think we'll make our own chocolate-covered matzah next week. There are some rather complex recipes out there for that, but I'm going to try one that seems simpler. Simple is our byword, what with CG's spring break and our lack of spring break. Nothing could be simpler than boiling eggs, but last year (as we never eat hardboiled eggs), I ended up googling how to boil eggs, and went with Julia Child's recommendations, which I link to again as a public service for anyone like me who's a little fuzzy on the egg math.

So there are days left to plan the seder(s). We'd better get to it, if we don't want to let Curious Girl pick all the songs.


PPB said...

podcasting! I want to hear that song!

liz said...

Me too. You crack me up.

(my verification word is gasfyn, is that the brand name of those new nicer-smelling beans?)

landismom said...

OMG, matzoh and nutella, why have I never thought of that? You just made some very happy kids here, sister.

art-sweet said...

That matzah crunch stuff? Is totally totally worth it. It's one of the few passover foods I actually look forward to.

Think heath bars.

Genevieve said...

Happy Passover to you and Politica and Curious Girl! I'd love to hear more about your seder afterwards.