22 April 2007


Forty things I love about Politica, in no particular order:
  1. She doesn't give up.
  2. She speaks Norwegian.
  3. She loves me.
  4. She supplies me with Broadway music even though she's not a big fan of the genre.
  5. She reads me mythology while I'm falling asleep.
  6. And then she'll tell me what I missed the next day.
  7. She is teh fun mommy to Curious Girl.
  8. She didn't complain when I dragged her on a veeerry long hike in Norway, not even when she lost a few toenails in subsequent weeks (although she was very happy when I later got her proper hiking boots).
  9. She learned how to garden even though she thought she couldn't.
  10. She happily comes with me to quirky museums (the sardine museum in Norway, the ironworking museum in Budapest, many a barbed wire exhibit in Texas) that she'd never glance at on her own.
  11. She believes in me.
  12. She taught me that boundaries are beautiful.
  13. She taught me that travelling more slowly is fun.
  14. She plays the guitar.
  15. She sings.
  16. She is silly, sometimes.
  17. She is smart.
  18. She is strategic.
  19. She has beautiful, beautiful blue eyes.
  20. She is funny.
  21. When she has a good meal, she says, "food is good."
  22. She gets involved.
  23. She knows her limits.
  24. She plants zucchini every year, even though every year, something eats it. (Marge Piercy would not have written this if she lived with us.) Such optimism!
  25. She is amazing at playing with kids.
  26. She is political.
  27. She has a generous, loving heart.
  28. She is reflective.
  29. She takes the high road.
  30. She is strong inside.
  31. She is adaptable, in the long run.
  32. She is a great teacher.
  33. She is musical.
  34. She is a nerd (we met discussing our mutual interest in a certain Congressional testimonry and how to access the government docs in the M Go Blue library). I love feminist nerds.
  35. She makes great pestos.
  36. She is beautiful.
  37. She laughs at me just the right amount.
  38. She smiles at me.
  39. She is ethical.
  40. She is fun, and she learns new things, and she loves art and photography, and walking through art fairs, and she is a wonderful driver and the best person I can think of to take a long car trip with, and there is always something new to do together to learn just a little more about her....
Happy birthday, sweetheart. I love you.


Phantom Scribbler said...

Happy birthday, Politica!!!

What a lovely post. And I know someone who shares her birthday...

What Now? said...

Lovely post -- what a wonderful birthday gift!

Songbird said...

Very sweet. Happy birthday,Politica!

Arwen said...

And many happy returns!

I love "she is strategic". That's not something I've heard before in a romantic ode. I think that says something about both of you in three words.

susan said...

Yes, my own policy-wonkness is definitely revealed in that item! I am always a very big T on those personality tests (INTJ, I usually come up).

Phantom, you know Jack Nickolson?!?

Politica was very excited about the comments! A good start to the birthday, for sure.

PPB said...

I am behind on my commenting. happy birthday, politica!

jo(e) said...

What a lovely tribute. Happy Birthday Politica!

Phantom Scribbler said...

Hee. It's Mr. Blue's birthday today, too.

liz said...

Happy Birthday Politica!!!

JM said...

Happy birthday, Politica!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Happy birthday, Politica!

What a great tribute!

Politica said...

Thanks, everyone! I should point out that Susan has exagerated just a smidge in her testament to my wonderfulness. For example, I recall making more than one statement of muted protest as the toenails were coming out post veeery long hike. I think one of my favorites in this list is "she is adaptable in the long run" which I find a nice way of saying that I'm stubborn as a mule but am capable of being worn down by persistent and persuasive displays of logic...

Arwen said...

I'm stubborn as a mule but am capable of being worn down by persistent and persuasive displays of logic...

Both desirable traits. Makes you committed, unlikely to give up, and sure of yourself: yet not an inflexible ideologue.
So say I. Of course, I may be trying to give stubborn a good name for purely selfish reasons.

Jody said...

Happy Birthday, Politica!

(Du snakker norsk? Jeg snakker norsk ogsaa! O -- jeg skriver norsk. Jeg synes.)

Virago18 said...

Wow, this makes me miss both of you so much!! Hope we get to visit sometime soon....

susan said...

Oh, we miss you too, v.! And I am so tickled to get my very first comment pa Norsk pa bloggen min!

repressed librarian said...

What a lovely, touching post. And happy [belated] birthday, Politica!

Politica said...

Dear Arwen, I'm sure stubborn looks good on you!

Hei Jody! Ya, jeg snakker lit Norsk. Foreldrene min innvandret fra Norge men eg var fut en Brooklyn.

Thanks, repressed!

suzoz said...

Speaks Norwegian? That's very impressive!

Scrivener said...

Happy very belated birthday, Politica!