27 April 2007

Four Posts I Will Not Write Tonight

For the Sixth Day of Four, written rather late, after a long and chilly day outdoors

I'm tired, and a hot bath with Curious Girl has soaked away both the mud from the park and any energy that remained when we got home two hours past her bedtime. So tonight, I leave you with posts unwritten, but four of them:
  1. Four favorite exam questions (sometimes, I use language jokes on exams and ask students to write about the assumptions embedded in the jokes and what makes them funny or not)
  2. Four books on the bedside table awaiting my attention
  3. Four ways in which I am a Cat Person
  4. Four suggestions from Politica for more lists of four (like four reasons red cars are particularly splendid
And a small shout out to Liz, who also had a little four theme going earlier in the week.


Songbird said...

Love your list of fours.

liz said...

So do I!