17 June 2007

Hotel Blogging

I'm in a Beautiful Place, to give a workshop of sorts tomorrow, and I'm pleasantly tired from having walked along the waterfront after dinner, admiring the natural scenery here. It was a little lonely after a while (Curious Girl said, when I called home and described the ice cream I had for dessert, "It would have been more funner if I was there to have some with you." True, true: Politica, I miss you!!! and CG too.)

Yesterday we went to a birthday party with some friends who moved out of state a year ago. The up side of the bad housing market is that they still own their house near us, and they came back to town for their child's birthday party. It was great to see them again--although our friends claim to be not very social, Politica and I enjoy the diverse friendship network these friends have established. Part of our conversations ranged over parenting against gender conformity: how do you move beyond binary notions of gender (especially with small children who often like to make binary notions of everything)? Lesbian Dad has a wonderful post up today creating Baba's Day: happy Baba's day, or Father's Day, or Dad's Day, to all of you celebrating. (CG said to Politica, "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" in honor of the day--we had called my father to say happy father's day, and I guess a birthday was just the very best thing CG could imagine wishing. So happy birthday to all of you, too.)


Arwen said...

How do you react to binary notions of gender when they come up?
I'm struggling. Lots of nice people believe a lot of things that are to me surreal, and I don't always know how to cope.

Robin said...

Hey, just checking in to say hello and wish you good summer days.