11 July 2007

Pleader's Pligest Update

I just got off the phone with a customer service representative at Pleader's Pligest, who says that the reason for the tone of the renewal correspondence I mentioned in a previous post is because my father-in-law's bill is overdue. Apparently, a renewal request was processed last fall. As we handle his bills and Pleader's Pligest mail, I know we did not send a renewal request (but later in the conversation, she mentioned that he had set up his subscription with automatic renewal, so I suspect that the subscription was auto-renewed in October).

The thing is, his subscription is currently paid to June of 2009. But because of the auto-renew feature, Pleader's Pligest considered his account to be "overdue" in 2007. What a total crock.

I'm now going to write to the friendly folks at Pleader's Pligest to tell them what I think of this process.


Magpie said...

That is scandalous. Write to Andrew Cuomo while you're at it - he's the NYS Attorney General, and they are located in NYS.

niobe said...

I'm with Magpie. I'd call FIL's state representative, the governor's office and the consumer protection/marketing fraud division at his local attorney general's office. And I'd make sure the magazine knew all about your efforts to inform local law enforcement of their legally questionable marketing activities.

You could also try the feds, since, no doubt, the letter travelled in interstate commerce. But you're more likely to get a sympathetic hearing from the state folks.

landismom said...

God, that is just sick. Glad your dad has you to advocate for him.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Paid up til 2009 and the bill is overdue? That is fireplacing ridiculous! And those "auto renewal" deals are supposed to have an easy out--two years notice should suffice!!!

Songbird said...

what a racket! That's inexcusable.