16 August 2007

Virtual Help with Moving

Elswhere's recent posts about moving to Vancouver have chronicled, in her typically smart and witty way, the search for a new apartment, the challenges of sorting and packing, and questions about things like moving trucks and boxes. Commenters have had lots of suggestions, and the other night, my subconscious pitched it, too.

I dreamed that Politica, Curious Girl, and I were walking down a city street. We came across a garage sale. "It's Elswhere's house! She's having a garage sale because they are moving to Vancouver." Elswhere came out to talk to us, and Curious Girl was fascinated by Mermaid Girl's toys. Elswhere told us all about Vancouver, while CG kept holding up items and saying "I want it! Can we get this one?" Politica said, "We're moving, too. We can't buy anything." I held firm with Curious Girl, but I couldn't help looking through Elswhere's collection of sheet music. "I can use this one when I'm teaching," I said. "I just have to buy this song about how wonderful it is to study the Liberal Arts."

So, Elswhere, I hope that helps: sorry we couldn't buy any toys, but I trust that one less piece of virtual sheet music will make the move go more smoothly. And I can't wait to get my seniors singing in our senior seminar this spring.


Magpie said...

That's sweet - one piece of virtual sheet music makes all the difference because of the sentiment behind it.

Arwen said...

Well, I am a Well Known Expert at dream interpretation, and actually that dream means "Move To Vancouver".



susan said...

I love it when Well Known Experts are so funny and so approachable :).

I'd move to Vancouver in a minute, actually, although I suspect the immigration issues would take much more than a minute (although I once was a landed immigrant in Canada, living in southwestern Ontario. Seems like a long time ago.)

elswhere said...

Wow! This is the nicest dream! Your virtual help must have helped, because I feel like I'm finally making a dent in MG's room today.

The funny thing is that MG really wanted to have a garage sale, but we ran out of time. We might let her have one in Vancouver, though.

The other funny thing is that as I've been packing I've been mentally composing a post about how many freakin' toys MG has. I would *love* to let Curious Girl look through them and pick out as much as she wants. MG wouldn't be happy, though (and you proably wouldn't, either ;)

elswhere said...

...and the *other* funny thing is that RW still has to sort through all her sheet music! She even wrote a song once about how wonderful it is to study the Liberal (and Performing) Arts (and how unrenumerative it is, after graduation). I'll see if I can get her permission to post it.