24 December 2007

Get Your Nerd On

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the comments on the previous post--I went to bed last night feeling validated, with a better understanding of just why this was all so hard to shake off. Nice phrase, Arwen, about conversations "loaded with history."

We fly out today and will have a wonderful time with Graduate School Friends and Politica's father. The assisted living facility is nice--institutional nice, but nice--and visits with Dad and GSF just revolve around everyone having a good time. And once we're at my sister's, we'll have a good time, too. The cousin excitement will be soothing for all the adults, I'm sure.

Since the tone around here is not usually so gloomy as those last few posts, I thought I'd leave you with some nerdy pleasures for the end of 2008:

  • Free Rice, where you can play with words and help fund UN hunger relief efforts
  • Kingmaker, where you can make predictions about the US presidential elections (primary/caucus results, campaign strategies, and even join pools if you're so inclined). Brought to you by the makers of Fantasy Congress. Woman of Many Talents and I had a great time going through some of Kingmaker the other day.
So even in the midst of all the family drama yesterday, I had some nerdy fun, and I certainly woke up in a more positive frame of mind thanks to your comments here, and to Politica's and WOMT's talk in real time. Wrapping up the year in the company of such friends, in and out of the computer, is a real gift.

Thank you all. And happy end-of-December to all of you.

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What Now? said...

I'm glad you woke up feeling better, and I hope that you and Politica and CG have a good time visiting various friends and family. And at the end of it all, you get to come back home -- perhaps the best present of all!