01 January 2008

A Popsicle

Things are looking up, and I am wordlessly grateful for all the comments on the previous post.

Quiet Friend is better today--recognizing more people, more alert, even sat up to eat a popsicle. It may be that the combination of not enough platelets and too much fluid in the body caused weirdness in the brain.

So things are looking up, today. And Mississippi Friend, ever a believer in the kindness of strangers, will be touched by your comments. Thanks for helping us wait this out--today, hope seems more possible.


liz said...

Still sending love and good wishes. I'm glad QF is doing better today. I'm sorry I didn't see yesterday's post earlier though.

May this new year bring health and happiness to you, your family, and all your friends.

Magpie said...

Glad to hear it - hope the hope holds out.

Anonymous said...

Good. Tell Mississippi Friend I'm thinking about them. Keep us posted.