27 January 2008

Random Bullets of Curious Girl

  • There's a sign on Curious Girl's door tonight, a sign she dictated to me during dinner, for use later in the evening:
The Noodle Girl is sleeping, because her belly is full from all the noodles

Kitsune udon, to be precise. She and a friend just couldn't stop eating at dinner, and I am just loving it. Her friend's grandparents, who first met her when we were doing 5 tube feedings a day, couldn't believe it either.
  • Conversation while driving home from the synagogue this morning:
Curious Girl: "I love Baby Jesus."
Me: "Hmm....you love Baby Jesus? Um, what do you like about Baby Jesus?"
Curious Girl: "That she's so cute."
  • She's ready for the Super Bowl. She wore three layers of Giants gear today.


Songbird said...

I love Curious Girl.

Anonymous said...

There's a button I've seen that shows a manger seen, with the quote bubbling out, "It's a girl!"

Perhaps CG made it.

I love also that she remembered this after synagogue.

billie said...

Oh, I just laughed out loud at this. So cute!

niobe said...

I'll be thinking of CG when I'm watching the Super Bowl, even though I'm pretty much forced to root for the other side.

chichimama said...

C has worn holes in his one Giants shirt as he insists on wearing it every. day.

I so heart the sign.

landismom said...

I love that Noodle Girl!

Anonymous said...
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