18 February 2008

What Politica is Missing (besides us, of course)

  • 62 performance reviews
  • countless pieces of paper scattered on the floor as an illustration of how mad Curious Girl got today. Look how mad I am, Mama! she screeched.
  • 9 days away from the office (well, I did go in to change my "I'm away for the week" sign to the "I have limited office hours this week" sign. Does that count?)
  • 7 flight segments for me and Curious Girl within a month
  • 3 loaves of bread (one to Mississippi Friend, one to Historian Friend, one for us)
  • 2 days of no! school! for Curious Girl (great for her teachers, not so great for us working parents)
  • 2 major tantrums in! one! day!
  • 1 wiggly tooth (so we may find out soon whether the Tooth Fairy really does leave baby sisters, as CG maintains she does. I remain skeptically amused.)


Magpie said...

Please do not tell my child that the tooth fairy leaves baby sisters!!! I've got enough of that.

You're holding up okay?

susan said...

We're hanging in there--mostly having fun. And for the moment (knock wood!) CG is managing her anger a little better now that we have a Feeling Box to use (she uses paper and crayons to express her feelings, which works better for me than the spitting and clawing that she occasionally resorts to in a rage. Not that frequently, but still, not good.)

But we miss Politica. 17 more days till we see her again!

Phantom Scribbler said...

LG has two loose teeth! Maybe the Tooth Fairy can leave a baby sister for CG, and an enormous Playmobil set for LG. (Those outcomes are equally likely, I think.)

liz said...

MM got 4 shiny new quarters for each of his two lost teeth so far.

I refuse to buy into the baby sister OR the playmobile ante-upping for teeth.

kathy a. said...

politica is missing so much!

my kids are now legal adults, but the memories are strong still. quarters are what the tooth fairy should bring -- i'm all good with 4 quarters, but this talk of baby sisters and playmobil has me heading for the fainting couch. glad i already done my time.

elswhere said...

Countless pieces of paper on the floor's worth of mad is a lot of mad. And 7 flight segments is a lot of flying!

Once the tooth fairy left me a Girl Scout doll. But that was just about my very last tooth, so it was sort of a last hurrah.

MG, at 7-and-almost-a-half, has yet to lose a tooth. I just hope she does lose one before the TF loses her magic.

susan said...

I was thinking 4 quarters myself, and maybe some pixie dust (although I"m not quite sure what pixie dust looks like). CG also wants to leave a note for the TF (because she doesn't want to give the TF her tooth, or at least she doesn't in the moment. Her mind will doubtless change several times over.)

I'm just hoping the tooth falls out on its own. The mama tooth is coming in behind it, so the baby tooth won't get any more of a push than it already has, and the dentist worries that she's going to have to help it come out. Cross your fingers that doesn't need to happen!

And Elswhere, I hope MG's teeth get wiggly soon!