12 April 2008

Haiku is more fun than Houses

House indecision reigns (buy now, or wait a bit and risk losing what we kind of like now? buy a smaller house where we could ski/snowshoe from the back door and walk to the center of Cute Little Town?) , so what better than haiku? (via pilgrim/heretic, and you can get your own)

went to sleep planning
to dream about living with
her and i love the

series with the girls
they are not uncommon i
feel closer to joyce

i love cg's teachers
they knew cg was born always
saying we don't

next can't you see
shouted piglet haven't
you got eyes look at

what to do that is
truly at home and somehow
i think the movie


Songbird said...

Yours is great, too!
They don't do Typepad, I'm so bummed.

Magpie said...

wow - that was great.

judy said...

Great Haiku...
I was just wondering through blog land looking into adoption (I am planning on adopting). If you get a chance please check out the beautiful luluby my sister wrote on my blog.