30 July 2008


  • 45 boxes of books have the movers thinking our shipment will be overweight
  • Overhead last night: "If you put your finger up your nose, you have to wash your hands before you touch the baby."
  • Also overheard last night: "I think it will be fun to meet new people."
  • The driver told me that reverends have the most books of anyone he moves. Reverends also have the lousiest furniture, he says, but that's OK because they don't seem to care about their furniture. But they do love their books. Songbird and Rev. Dr. Mom, any comments on that score?
  • Curious Girl is registered for kindergarten. Her teacher's name is kind of fancy. And our new street address is on Ornamental Tree Variety Terrace. When I told her the teacher's name, she said, "Oooh, fancy! I guess Germany likes fancy words. Maybe Fancy Nancy lives there."
  • I have about 60 thank you notes to write, which are clearly not getting written before I move.
  • I just drafted the last report I need to write.
  • The house looks a lot bigger with stuff moving out. As the movers take things, I'm discovering little chocolate easter eggs. A colleage had given me a bag for Curious Girl, and she found them and organized an easter egg hunt the other morning. We repeatedly divided them, hid them, and then searched for each others' eggs. Except she kept forgetting how many she had hid. Which is handy, because I'm a little hungry.
  • Curious Girl and Neighbor Girl have opened a lemonade stand. Lemonade is free to movers, but they wanted $10 from me. I gave them .30 each, and they said OK. CG has been dying to have a lemonade stand, so I'm glad she's having one today.
  • I'm having dinner with Mississippi Friend and Curly Haired Cousin tonight. I don't want to say good bye. I have really, really good friends here, and I am really, really going to miss them. I wish I could be more eloquent on this point, but I can't. This part sucks. At least we get to visit Historian Friend on the way to Germany (she's usually here, but is somewhere on the way, with her kids. Yay!)
  • But I do want to get on with all this. At breakfast, CG said, "Yay! we're moving tomorrow!" It feels good, now, just to be getting on with it.
  • Politica and contractors are making great strides on the house, which is getting nicer by the hour. I'm very proud of Politica for handling the house on her own.
  • Let's hope valium-laced kitties are happy travelers.
  • Elswhere is moving now, too. Let's hope we all have good moving karma.


MrsJennaHatfield said...

Oh my, the second bulleted point made me laugh!

Magpie said...

Ooh, good luck and safe travels? Will you drive to Germany?

Magpie said...

There was not supposed to be a question mark after that first sentence.

Phantom Scribbler said...

Oh my. If Fancy Nancy lives in Germany, BB is going to be your permanent houseguest. Hope you don't mind.

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey to Germany! And hoping that you will make fabulous new friends, while still feeling connected to the old ones.

Not So said...
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Mom to Baby J said...

Yes, my mom has A LOT of books...and her furniture? Nothing special, sorry Ma. ;)

Safe travels!!

chichimama said...

Best of luck! And A will be joining BB in residence in your house if Fancy Nancy lives in Germany...please update! :-)

bingdella said...

Good luck with the move. The second bullet is hilarious!

Songbird said...

Books=plentiful to a ridiculous extent.
Furniture=overtired, with some overused antiques thrown in for charm
The only furniture I care about is my mighty fine bed (for comfort and recreation...did I say that?).
Anyway, your mover is likely right. And if I end up doing a new church start and have to bring my "work" books home? We are in big trouble.

Rev Dr Mom said...

LOL! I think your mover has it exactly right! To make it worse, I still have some of my books from my stint in academia!

Safe travels, and happy settling in in Germany!

Jody said...

Safe travels, and may the books all arrive as safely as the rest of you.

elswhere said...

Based on the movers' remarks about our crappy furniture and large number of books, I think I must be a reverend. Oh, my.

S. said...

Hmm. I think we must be reverends, too. When we moved to Madison, we took the plunge we had not taken when we actually moved in and Merged Our Bookshelves. And moved all our books out to the midwest for two years. Did we expect to read them all again while we were out there? Lord knows. Then we moved them back again.


Arwen said...

OH, GOOD LUCK and may everything show up just fine.

elswhere said...

oh, but s., the problem is that you never know WHICH ONES you'll want to re-read.

We have not yet merged our bookshelves. We have 3 copies of some things: one for each of us.

kathy a. said...

i'm late and i guess this is moving day! crossing fingers for everyone, even the cat.

niobe said...

Thinking about those Easter eggs. There's a metaphor in there somewhere.

Ms Jewl said...

Good luck. Yes, moving and saying ciao to all those great friends sucks! I hope you settle in to the new place quickly.

As for books, I don't know - I'd say that professors can give reverends a run for their money. Not being one of either - that gives me no excuse for now moving boxes of books (unpacked) for the 4th time. You know you're in trouble when a limiting factor in finding a home is the amount of bookshelves that can reasonable be installed.

peripateticpolarbear said...

When I moved, the movers (who specialized in academic moves, I should note) said that their favorite moves to make were scientists--not many books. Their least favorite were English "teachers"--lots of books and "prissy about their shelves" and that ministers were close behind "but at least you don't care about your shelves," he said, smashing my IKEA shelves into a door.

I held in a little whimper. My shelves may be cheap, but I'm still a little bit prissy about them. Maybe I'm an English teacher at heart.