14 October 2008

Cool political movies

My youtube picks for this evening:

  1. First, for those who are looking to understand the current financial crisis, let the wit and narrative explicative talents of Rachel, Els, Arwen, and Liz draw you into Richer Than God. ( funny, too, is the list of videos you tube will suggest at the end--a rather motley collection that gets increasingly tangentially related as it goes on). This will also get you saying ooblyboobillion over and over, enjoying the feel of the sounds on your lips.
  2. Then, particularly if you're a musical theatre fan and Obama supporter, Les Misbarack (thanks to Shelli for the link)
  3. And let Les Misbarack lead you to "Can You Hear the People Sing?"


elswhere said...

Thanks for the plug! I really liked "Les Misbarack", too ;-)

Kenneth said...

Thanks for the Les Misbarack link! Love to you, CG, and Politica! We miss you.

Ken, the S-TC