18 March 2009

Other things to read

I'm still here, although not much here in blogland. It's been a busy semester, and I've been blogging in my head more often than blogging at the keyboard. I'll be back.

In the meantime, head over the Shakesville, which today has a guest post by a birth mother about adoption. It's an eloquently smart commentary on adoption, the pro-life movement, and gender.

I figure if I'm not writing much myself, I can point you to other good reading.

And one more thing: keep your fingers crossed for marriage equality in Vermont, would you? The legislature is holding hearings on a marriage bill this week. Lots of good testimony so far this week.


Songbird said...

Crossing them!

kathy a. said...

crossing fingers! and, i thought of both you and songbird when i read that amazing piece by a birth mom on shakesville. xoxo

julie said...

Glad you're back: I got a quick glimpse of you at 4Cs, but didn't interrupt your conversation.

Arwen said...

Crossing fingers too!
Thanks for the link.