02 August 2009

It's My Birthday and I'll List if I Want to

  • I'm a prime number again!
  • I'm a prime number on vacation, which means that I'll be getting some late presents from Politica and Curious Girl because a) Politica packed one of them so secretly that she couldn't find it upon arrival and b)there's so much to do in Very Crowded, Very Beautiful Town on the End of the Cape that we just didn't fit all our birthday activities in. As Curious Girl said when it was time to go to bed, "So Mama, that means the party isn't really over yet!"
  • CG is just dying to tell me what my presents are, but so far, she's keeping a secret. We were all thrilled with present #1, thought, which was Season 2 of the Muppet Show on DVD. We watched the Rudolf Nureyev episode twice today and the Bernadette Peters episode once (much as I remembered loving the Swine Lake number, both Politica and I thought it a tad misogynist upon later viewing--and the cane-as-machine-gun closing doesn't quite seem so funny, either. I guess the Muppet Show isn't as completely timeless as I thought).
  • Very Crowded, Very Beautiful Town on the End of the Cape has quite the mix of people here. Tons of folks in town for Family Week, so lots of kids of all ages with various constellations of parental units. Lots of young, beautiful gay boyz, lots of muscle shirts. Lots of lesbians with long baggy shorts, sensible shoes, and short hair. Lots and lots of kids. Curious Girl is quite taken with the show hawkers who play with hula hoops on the main drag, and she's enjoying the spectacle of it all.
  • I don't have long baggy shorts, and I'm glad at my prime number age that I don't much care. Although really, I have never cared too much about my fashion (which is probably an after effect of the fact that I don't have much fashion sense).
  • There's a lot of ice cream here. I think a milkshake a day on vacation is a good thing.
  • Travel tip: if you're thinking that you might eat lunch soon on a long car trip, don't say, "well, we'll eat just on the other side of Major Urban Area." Eat first, so that if you run into traffic in said urban area, no one will get grumpy.
  • I spent much of the day walking around with a girl wearing black high-heeled shoes with a bow on the tie. Nothing says summer birthday celebration than a pair of fancy shoes.
  • Spectacle overwhelms me, but CG and Politica seem to groove on it. I'm rooting for some quieter exploring one of these days. Although I do enjoy watching people do hula hoops that light up. I'm glad we have a quiet place to retreat to.
  • I had some Bigger Ideas in my head, but I'm so tired I'm simply going to wish you all a good night.


Heather said...

Happy birthday, Ms Prime Number!

Magpie said...

Happy birthday!

(I'm going to be something squared next time 'round.)

kathy a. said...

happy birthday!

liz said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Songbird said...

Happy birthday! I affirm your thoughts on milkshakes.

Tall Kate said...

Loved reading this! And Songbird, I agree: that's what I was going to comment on, too. Yay for a milkshake a day.

comebacknikki said...

Happy birthday (again)! Milkshakes RULE! :)

Robin said...

Happy Birthday! I'll be a prime number in a few weeks myself. Looking forward to joining you on that elite isle.

What Now? said...

Happy vacation, and happy birthday! (Although now I'm annoyed that I was a prime number all last year and never thought to enjoy that fact. Fortunately, I got to do it again next year and will be more prepared this time.)

landismom said...

Happy Birthday! And I totally agree--a milkshake a day on vacation is a requirement.

elswhere said...

Happy happy belated birthday! I wholeheartedly agree with the milkshake proposition. We just got back from a camping vacation during which we had ice cream or milkshake every afternoon (except when we were in the middle of nowhere; then we just had marshmallows in the evening).

Rev Dr Mom said...

Happy belated birthday!

And when traveling from where you live now to your vacation spot, you should always eat on the north side of Major Urban Area. Just saying.

Hope you're still having a great time.