04 August 2010

Quick Vacation Blogging

  • Why is it that long days full of vacation activities are making it harder for Curious Girl to sleep? At least our vacation digs have some very lovely king-sized beds so drawn-out bedtimes are comfortable affairs.
  • Politica and I are doing a little happy dance about the Prop 8 ruling. Well, we would be doing a happy dance if she hadn't been glued to the iPad for the past hour reading through the text of the decision. The decision got announced just before dinnertime here, and I ran back to our apartment to download the decision so she could be scanning it between bites.  That's what passes for lovingkindness in a politically geeky family enjoying their latest technology.
  • There are more than 20 states in which it is legal to fire employees because they are gay, lesbian, or transgendered.  There are millions of Americans--gay or straight or bi--who are not partnered, who don't have good health insurance connected to their own job or to a partner's job.  If--and it's a big if--the Prop 8 ruling withstands the two or three levels of appeal that will follow (9th circuit, 9th circuit en banc, and potential US Supreme Court), the slow tide of marriage reform will do nothing for those problems.  Marriage reform isn't the only sort of change we need to make a safety net for all families.
  • But still: marriage reform is a nice step for some families, and I can't help but smile as Politica reads or summarizes parts of Judge Walker's amazingly detailed decision. (He--and doubtless hardworking clerks--did a thorough job putting a clear record of the trial testimony into the decision, with an eye toward the scrutiny that the decision will get on appeal.)
  • Vacation is a wonderful thing, even if Curious Girl keeps announcing that she is homesick because 11! days! is too long! to be away from her very own bed.  And even if she is not sleeping well. I am loving the smell of the sea air, and I am loving all the ice cream.
  • Happy summer!


liz said...


YAY Judge Walker!!!

And you can't get fired for being LGBT if you work for Loudoun County!

Songbird said...

I love the story of how you shared the information about the decision, iPad included.

Tall Kate said...

Exciting news, re. Prop 8. I'm impressed that Politica reads the entire decision!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation ...

Arwen said...

Wow - people can get fired for being gay? That makes my stomach hurt: I had no idea. I think I'll write a letter...