28 October 2005

In the Air

Politica is out of town, and Curious Girl has a new game: she hides under the covers, peeks out and says "Do you want to come under? It's my house." or "Let's go on an air-o-plane. come under!" This morning she said "we're going up, up, up. We're in the air, Mama! We're in the air!" with such abandon. This embrace of roleplaying and scenarios is very cool.

But so many things are so up in the air that I'm unsettled, searching for the abandon CG exudes. I had a chance at a potentially interesting professional opportunity, but it looks like it's no longer an option. I got invested enough in dreaming about the potential to start feeling a little dissatisfied with where I am...but today had some serious conversations with people about some new possibilities around here. But how they will play out, on what timeline, is up in the air.

We started home renovation this week. Our back deck is gone, clearing the way for a new foundation. Loan papers are on the dining room table. Decisions, decisions: refinance? second mortgage? lower monthly payments? cheaper overall cost? what color for the exterior paint?

It's open house time for private schools around here. More decisions: apply (for CG) for next year? Wait until kindergarten when fewer slots will be there? Consider public school more strongly and feel less guilty about social implications of our private decisions?

And papers, papers, papers. So many to grade.

So I'm in a funk. But tomorrow is Saturday, a day with no plans. And surely a leisurely day with the trees in full color should help me enjoy the fall air.


Scrivener said...

Oh, all of those decisions are such difficult ones. The talks about schooling here were very difficult at first--though our public schools are so terrible in GA that it simply is not much of an option (we live in the county putting the evolution warning stickers on biology textbooks, and the state ed. dept has removed the civil war from the Am history curriculum).

Phantom Scribbler said...

Sympathy. I'm notorious for my inability to cope with instability and change of any sort. And decisions! Oy.

I hope the leisure day helped!

susan said...

Leisure day was fun, and while I'm still in a bit of a funk, things are better.

Taken the civil war out of the curriculum? That's mindboggling. How did I miss that?

The private school we like is nice...but tuition is over 11,000 a year. While that seems like a lot to pay for elementary school, it really seems like a lot to pay for a four year old program (esp when we love where she is at the moment, cheap at half the price). But all the private schools here now start at the 3 year old year and it's tempting to apply sooner since you maximize your chances of getting in. It's tough to know what to do.