17 November 2006

Friday Bullets

  • Via Chichi Mama, a disturbing article about bottled water. I don't know much about the magazine it appeared it, but those photos of the children scavenging in piles of plastic water bottles make a beautiful case for the value of reducing and reusing before recycling.
  • Curious Girl is on a big Madeline kick of late. We just found the movie of M's Christmas at a garage sale. In the book version, a rug salesman appears at the school after a big snow and some illness, and magic carpets carry the girls home for Christmas. In the movie, the girls are all sick, and a magical old woman arrives and cleans things up and then gets the girls' families to arrive at the school for Christmas. What is the point of making a movie from a book if you change the plot that much?
  • I went to a lot of meetings today that involved a lot of announcements. Why are meetings involving announcements so popular? Shouldn't the total boredom that can result lead people to try other tactics? Or do some people think announcements are interesting?
  • I facilitated one meeting today about the future of one part of our department. That was fun, and three different people volunteered to take some part of the leadership of next steps. I'll be responsible for making sure a timeline gets established, and for helping to outline what kinds of plans or outcomes are needed, but the people most closely involved with this part of the department are stepping up to do the more hands-on work. That's a good sign.
  • I'm mightily amused by my results on this quiz as to my inner musical instrument:

    You're a Euphonium. Aww. SPEAK UP!
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Songbird said...

I love the description of the Euphonium! They've got your number, huh?

Elizabeth said...

Well, Curious George the movie is only in the vaguest ways related to the books, but the boys still enjoyed it. And in some ways it's far less disturbing than the books.