17 November 2006

Thanksgiving for Vegetarians, and a nerdy language observation

Here's what we'll be making for Thanksgiving:
  • mushroom filo pastries (from Moosewood Celebrates--they are totally divine and I'll post the recipe if anyone's curious, and carnivores never notice the tofu in the filling, which turns kind of creamy. yum.)
  • cranberry sauce
  • salad with greens and other things, probably brought by Pseudonymless Friend and her husband, who are the very best salad makers I know
  • quinoa vegetable pilaf
  • bulghar wheat rolls (unless we buy brioche rolls at the bakery)
  • roasted pears
  • pumpkin bread or pie
  • cupcakes (if Curious Girl still wants them for dessert)
  • wine (interesting suggestions in the comments to one of APL's recent bullets)
  • sparkling juice
Linking to APL's bullets reminded me that she recently posted an accent quiz, as did Scrivener. (both observed some of the limitations of the quiz.) I teach linguistics sometimes (I don't identify as a linguist, but I have some linguistic training and come at linguistics in the borders among philology, linguistics, and composition), and thus take a particularly nerdy delight in Curious Girl's language development. I did take the online quiz (which, surprise! pegged me as a northeasterner, and had some odd comments about New York in relation to northeast.) I'd rather tell you a dialect story than post the code to my result, so here's some phonological fun for Friday:

I had a little bag of Q-tips sitting on the banister in the upstairs hallway. CG brushed past them, and they fell down to the first floor. She dashed down, picked them up, and said, "Mama! The coupons! The coupons!" A confusion only made possible by the fact that she pronounces coupon with a [kju]/cyoopon. I've noticed myself alternating the two pronunciations of coupon, so I guess she's learning and I'm influenced by what's a little more prevalent here (although these maps show both pronunciations pretty well mixed).

So there you have it, a menu, some phonology, and two bullet lists in one night! We're having duper fun here on a Friday night.


jo(e) said...

Your Thanksgiving menu sounds great to me!

liz said...

Yum! Could you post the mushroom filo pastries and the quinoa pilaf?

JM said...

I have TWO recipes for you. I'll get around to posting them soon. They're casseroles, they're tasty, they're from _Cooking Light_ AND they contain lots of cheese.

Also, I say [kju]pon.

Ianqui said...

Ahh, what a great menu. I wish we could be having a vegetarian Thanksgiving. Or, at least I wish we could be having a Thanksgiving where people wouldn't say to us "But what are you going to eat?!?!", only to have to respond, "The sweet potatoes, the brussel sprouts, the salad, the bread, the pumpkin pie, the rice...everything but the turkey!"

Why do people thing it's so hard to make food for vegetarians?

Anonymous said...

I took that quiz and it said that I have a Midland accent. Why is it that people on the East Coast are constantly "huh-ing" me?


Thanks for the card- FYI, I'll be back for x-mas through Jan. 2, so I hope I'll get to see you all!

Arwen said...

I love moosewood everythings.

I just did the accent quiz, interested to see what American accent Canadians have. This came up:
"North Central" is what professional linguists call the Minnesota accent. If you saw "Fargo" you probably didn't think the characters sounded very out of the ordinary. Outsiders probably mistake you for a Canadian a lot."

Now, the Fargo accent sounded utterly cute and attractive to me, but not at all like me. So what's up with that, I wonder?