30 April 2007

Four Playlists or Albums in My iTunes that Probably Aren't in Yours

1. Food songs (Phantom, I'll happily send you a CD when next you need to post about weighty matters)
2. Broadway
3. Susan's hip music (gifts from Politica, which don't make me any more hip)
4. Jazz Mandolin (he's great!)


Anonymous said...

I've got a bunch of Broadway on my iPod (just haven't made it a separate playlist yet).

For the rest, you'd be right.

liz said...

I don't have an iPod. But if I did, I'd probably put Broadway in it, since "Soundtracks" is a section of our book of cd covers (which is a guide to where the cd's are in the carousel)

liz said...

What's in your food songs play list? Butter? Corndog's Ode to Doughnuts?

susan said...

I so need Corndog's Ode to Doughnuts!

And who sings Butter? I should dig up the whole playlist (it's on another computer), but it has "Food Glorious Food" from Oliver Twist, "Hot Cocoa," by John McCutcheon, and "Everybody Eats When they Come to My House" by John Lithgow, for starters.