29 April 2007

Four-Sided Foods

On the Eighth Day of Four, I continue to think about four-sided shapes and their relatives.

Tonight, we had dinner from a rectangular box: Kraft dinner. Curious Girl is a big fan of macaroni and cheese, and I like it, too. The Wikipedia entry on KD is actually quite informative about the way KD is a term and product with a very different usage/history in Canada than the US; it's a term that worked its way into my lexicon while I lived in Ontario and still varies freely with the American macaroni and cheese.

Another rectangular food I like: gjetost. A brown Norwegian goat cheese I first discovered when Politica took me to Norway in 1995. It's amazing on a dark or grainy bread, and I've been happy to find it in some speciality groceries here lately.

Ice cream sandwiches are something I enjoy eating again with Curious Girl (all the more so these days when she will actually eat one). They are more enjoyable in theory than in actuality, since the cake part is not too tasty and usually the ice cream is not too good, either. CG talked me into buying a box of small tofutti sandwiches at Whole Paycheck last week, and they are a major disappointment. But a rectangular one.

My favorite store-bought cookies are fig newtons, which are almost rectangular.

So what polyhedric pleasures lurk in your pantries?


Phantom Scribbler said...

Laughing at how the pleasures of ice cream sandwiches are more theoretical than real. But homemade ice cream sandwiches are very good indeed.

jo(e) said...

Squares of dark chocolate!

Jake said...




Genevieve said...

Thank you for the link to the explanation of the "Kraft Dinner" and the mac&cheese throwing at BNL concerts!

I like Kashi grain bars and boxes of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal. Also squares of dark chocolate (or, last night, Lindt dark chocolate with orange essence).

Rev Dr Mom said...

I love fig newtons. They have always been one of my favorite cookies.

The Kid loves Annies' Macaroni and Cheese.

And we eat lots of Lean Cuisine--there's rectangular food for you!

But my favorite ice cream sandwiches are round--Skinny Cow ones.

What Now? said...

Does it count if one makes it rectangular oneself? I adore the bread pudding that D. makes for me -- less squishy than one often finds, more "bread" than "pudding" perhaps -- and we cut them into rectangular pieces. They're good for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert!

jane dark said...

There is an icecream sandwich made in Britain called a Tandem (they have them in the US now, but they're hard to find), and I am *terribly* fond of the cookie part. I recommend them if you get the chance.

Magpie said...

Try the Julie's Organic ice cream sandwiches - they may be at Whole Foods, but I've also found them at the A&P.