20 June 2008

Little Updates

  • Dad's surgery was postponed today. Three emergencies kept his surgeons busy, and now it's probably going to be tomorrow morning (Saturday). I really appreciate all the kind words from readers and friends: thanks.
  • It's hard to be a far-away working daughter at a time like this. It's not easy for me to figure out what pressure I'm putting on myself, what stress is working out in weird ways in the family. I think I'll go back to my parents when my dad's out of the hospital, but I'm feeling a little guilty about not going sooner, for the surgery itself (which might be Monday, but then, my sister has a friend whose bypass got bumped off the schedule 4 times). My sister is right there with them, and I think it makes sense for me to go when I can help my mom when dad is home. But I feel a little guilty about waiting. And a little guilty about thinking about my own work and how to get it done in this period. This is an interesting variation on the parenting/work stuff I am much more familiar with balancing. Not sure I have much to say about it yet, but I'm pondering it.
  • For more wedding happy, head over to Lesbian Dad and read another account of the marriage scene in California that will just make you smile. And after a couple of days of worrying about my dad, I'm happy to relax with a post that makes me smile.


Songbird said...

Just know they will appreciate your presence whenever you go. Y'all have no control over what happens at the hospital, so don't let that be the ruling force. (Yes, that's pastoral advice.) Do what feels right, but be prepared to have the timing seem less-than-perfect. It won't matter, really.

Bardiac said...

My Dad, too, had bypass surgery, and I, too was half a country away. (And it was the middle of the semester.) It was hard. I was lucky, though, that there was time for me to give blood in a directed donation, and (supposedly) the Red Cross got it to him. Still, it was hard not being there.

I hope your Dad's surgery goes well, and that when you can go out, things feel lots better for all of you.

Phantom Scribbler said...

I hope the surgery is going well. It's got to be hard on all of you, being far away. Juggling ill parents, your own family, work, the move -- it's an awful lot at once. We're thinking of you.

elswhere said...

Thinking of you. That is a lot to deal with at once, even for the world's best apartment chair.