22 June 2008

The Updates, they keep coming

  • Lists suit me at times like this
  • I can't tell you how relieved I am--and how comforted I am--to read the comments on my posts commenting on my own reactions to family events of late. Working out my guilty feelings about considering what I need to do for work and the move and considering the logistics of parental visits isn't easy, and it helps to read your reactions here.
  • One of my colleagues said, upon hearing about the surgery, "what are you doing here?" and that probably helped kick my guilty feelings into overdrive for a while.
  • We are still negotiating on House #2. We asked the seller to address 7 factors (a few relatively clear cut and likely not too expensive, like fixing the garbage disposal and getting the kitchen drain to work, but some others a little bigger, like properly grounding the house's electrical system and fixing the windows that are cracked, inoperable, or have lost their seal). The seller wanted to get estimates on the latter factors, and will have her response figured out by tonight. So Monday, all should be clear Her realtor told our realtor that we would likely be happy with the seller's response. She's already agreed to do the small things, and if she meets us in the middle on everything else, we're happy. In fact, even if she refused everything else we'll probably go ahead.
  • I like that I have a good realtor, dealing with another realtor, and a reasonable seller. House #1 sure was nice, but dealing with high maintenance FSBO sellers is stressful.
  • We had dinner last night with Historian Friend and her family. One of Curious Girl's latest stress relievers is to say that she is not moving, that she is going to live with Historian Friend (who she has taken to calling Mom, or Historian Mom). Over the past two years CG has gradually been asserting that she is Historian Kid's Big Sister, but this move to identify with a whole 'nother family sure is interesting. "When you move to Germany, tell my school that Curious Girl doesn't live here anymore. Tell them she moved to another family. But we'll come visit you every day!" she said.
  • Well, CG is up, so time to spring into breakfast/mothering action. Happy Sunday, all!


liz said...

I'm so glad your dad is doing okay. That is so great!

I'm sorry about the family dynamic, but I know that that will work out too.

I'm sorry CG is moving out. I hope she'll visit often ;^D

I'm glad the house thing is working out!

Arwen said...

If you're feeling guilty for your own process around having an ill family member, I imagine you'll do just fine if you strive to be as kind, considerate, and empathetic regarding your own feelings as those of your family.

Bardiac said...

One thing that helped me when my Dad had bypass half a continent away was to realize that details really weren't important. If someone just said, hey, he's awake and we're going to take him some flowers, then I knew he was doing well, well enough for visitors.

The other thing: after a couple days, they took out the drain, and my Dad, after not complaining about it, said how much it had hurt and how relieved he was that the pain was a drain and not something that was going to last longer. I don't know if drains are always painful, but the change to my Dad was big, and it showed.

I hope your Dad does well.

CG sounds so delightfully fun, like she's figured out things with kid logic, and it all makes sense.

kathy a. said...

oh, susan -- so much going on. been away a few days [work, and dealing with my own mom's stroke and etc.]. many good thoughts for your dad's recovery.

it IS hard, being at a distance. good you are not taking the stress of family members personally -- the situation is just hard and tiring. and it will be a big help if you can go later, when your mom needs help at home.

best on the house negotiations. and thanks for another sweet wedding link.