02 November 2008

Happy November!

Some more news from California: No on 8 has released a new ad countering the latest from the other side, who are trying to make it look as though Obama supports Prop 8. Obama does not support Prop 8 (although he, like most other major Democratic candidates, supports civil unions rather than marriage--see Pam's House Blend for a very fine post analyzing the problems with the Dems' maneuvering on marriage). Here's the newest ad:

It will cost about $10,000 to keep this ad on the air over the weekend. The Lesbian Dad fundraising goal has been upped to $18K (thanks to the generosity of LD's readers, and readers of the various other blogs on what she's taken to calling the LD Love Train. I feel so groovy!). Thanks to any of you who've contributed. Emergency contributions this weekend will pay for additional fliers, phone banking, and a call to California voters by Magic Johnson. The political organizing going on in California is incredibly creative--please do what you can to support it.

Remember, those of you reading in California: please vote, and please get your friends to vote, and please vote no on 8.

Reading about some of the political tactics employed by the other side on 8 really challenges my faith in humanity (that said, I've got another post brewing about the way this debate has pushed me so quickly to hyperbolic rhetoric that arguably demonizes the other side--I have persued a few personal blogs by writers in favor of 8, and some of them seem like nice people who seem regrettably taken in by arguments that can't possibly make sense. Like the argument that a state's marriage laws will prevent them from teaching morality to their children. I am trying not to demonize: can't we all agree that we don't need the law to represent everything we believe? There are plenty of things that people reasonably disagree about that we don't need the law to regulate.)

I digress....despite the challenges posed by some of the political tactics of the other side, it's felt exciting and at times exhilarating to be even peripherally involved in the fight for marriage rights. Watching fundraising totals creep up, reading comments here and over on LD--it's good. The Equality California blog today has a roundup of some interesting editorials (including one from a Mormon historian who points out that the LDS Church, given its history with persecution, really ought to be leading the fight against discrimination on marriage).

Let's hope we prevail on Tuesday.

Bonus Obama pumpkin shot:

And thanks to all of you reading who are following along with this spurt of single-focused blogging leading up to the election. I just can't get Prop 8 off my mind. No no no no no no no I keep sending out into the universe.

But after Tuesday, one way or another, I'll have other topics to write about. And tonight, I have a date! Politica and I are off to see one of our favorite singer-songwriters, and Curious Girl finally gets a babysitter here. Life is good. Happy November.


kathy a. said...

it's a wonderful ad.

did you know that i went to difi's wedding reception? it's true -- she opened SF city hall and invited the whole city. there were fancy-pants people, homeless people, and hungry law students taking a break from finals [me].

i don't see why every couple should not have the chance to celebrate, if they choose.

Arwen said...

I also sometimes suffer a settling ... cynical - here's too much alliteration here - despair over the state of humanity.

Tall Kate said...

(thanks for posting the obama pumpkin -- it's awesome!)

And, what Arwen said. I'm sooo jittery today.