04 November 2008

Hope for Today

For California, for marriage equality for all of us. Please vote no on 8:

For America, for the world:


Arwen said...

I'm hoping...

kathy a. said...

at my own polling place, in a sleepy suburb, there are enthusiastic "no on 8" volunteers the legal distance from my polling place. have been all day. and another polling place a few blocks over. i haven't done a full tour, but think they are everywhere.


both my kids voted for the first time, and their friends, too. no on 8 all the way.

kathy a. said...

LATimes sez 49% oppose prop 8, 44% in favor: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-mew-gay-marriage5-2008nov05,0,2595130.story

polls make me nuts. hope we see results.