12 January 2006

100 things in 100 days. Or maybe 10 by 10.

Bright Star (riffing off Professor Bastard) proposes a new meme: 100 things spread over 100 days. That's pretty cool, although I'm not sure that one fact about me per day is going to make for oh so interesting reading. So I'm going to start with ten, and see how it goes.

1. I was pretty happy to see Bright Star's post, since I'd been thinking about doing 100 things for a while, but was afraid it was just too over.
2. So as you can see, sometimes I care too much about what others think, and will refrain from doing something I like because of the perceived judgements of others (even if I'm making up that judgement). This isn't something I'm proud of.
3. But I am proud of the fact that--points 1 and 2 notwithstanding--I don't do this nearly so much as I used to. Therapy works, and I'm a lot more confident and assertive in my personal life than I used to be.
4. I used to be a lot more confident and assertive at work than I am at home. But our therapist pushed us to think a lot about boundaries, and identity, and I resisted, but now I love it. And I love feeling more strong and secure.
5. I also love swimming in the ocean, which I do not get to do nearly enough. Next summer I am definitely taking Curious Girl to visit my parents--for many reasons, including the fact that they live by the beach. And I miss the beach, especially the beach in my hometown.
6. There are few geographic features in my current hometown that make me happy. there are a few, but they aren't very grand. Beaches are grand. I like grand landscapes.
7. I also like small landscapes, and this house has a lot more garden beds than it did when we bought it. (Free gardening tip: if you want to convert lawn to garden, don't dig up the sod. cover the grass with lots of newspapers, then cover the papers with topsoil and mulch. You can plant by cutting through the paper. It's much easier than digging up the grass. And yes, thanks for asking, I did learn that the hard way.)
8. Making those garden beds made me like living here more. It's not that those beds look all that great (although a few of them do). But the gardening made the land my own. Our own. (Politica used to think she killed plants. And someday I will tell the story of the Azaela That Would Not Live and Made Politica Cry. But here in point 8, I just want to say that it makes me happy that Politica now likes plants, and she likes to garden (and even does it more regularly than I do). I like that gardening, a hobby I brought into the family, is something that makes Politica happy.
9. Something that doesn't make Politica so happy is my penchant for leaving shoes around the house. I've reformed a bit, but I'm not cured. But I try not to leave more than 2 pair of shoes in any one place. I like shoes. Ugly shoes. Ugly comfy shoes, like Birkenstock Londoners, or earth shoes. My feet are happy, and since junior high people have not been impressed by my shoes. But I've never cared (even in my least confident days, I always had shoe courage of convictions).
10. And for something completely different: I can't fall asleep without reading before bed, even if I'm so tired I only read a sentence and then can't remember what it said.


Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to do a 100 things list for ages and ages but somehow I never manage to. You wanna know the secret reason I've never told anyone before as to why? Ok, here it is: I have started a 100 things list a few times, and every single time I have, I think of one thing that turns into a long, sometimes rambling post. I'll write a few thousand words about what that first thing reminded me of and never actually make a list. Hey, no one has ever accused me of being terse! ;)

By the way, 100 things lists are soooo not over. It's the kind of thing you're supposed to do somewhere early-ish in your blog, I think. It's not so much a meme as it is a ritual of blogging. At least, that's my understanding of the thing. Not that you should listen to me, since I've been keeping my blog well over a year now and still haven't managed to shut up long enough to do a 100 things list.

And I am right there with you on #10.

Anonymous said...

Me too on #10. I keep a variety of reading material by the bed--magazines, comic books, sometimes a real book I'm working on. I am usually exhausted and need something pretty light. When my eyes start closing, I know it's time to sleep.

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on #9. I just can't bring myself to spend money on shoes in which I couldn't walk a mile comfortably.

I'm so impressed by your garden beds. I keep meaning to post about the invasive weed laboratory that is our backyard.

susan said...

That's an interesting distinction, Scrivener, meme vs. ritual.

Phantom, you might not be so impressed by the garden beds if you actually saw them. They're not bad, but they're not exactly making the neighbors envious. And a couple of them are way overcrowded. I've learned a lot about garden design (mostly my making mistakes that I continue to live with).

Guess it's no surprise that in this corner of the blogosphere people like to read!