23 August 2008

Random Sets of Two, Illustrating that Things are Coming Along, however slowly

  • Two ways to tell we are not in Former State anymore: the local NPR station won the "best radio station" vote in the alternative weekly annual "best of..." poll; there was tofu, samosas, and felafel at the local fair (along with various permutations of fried dough that are the same the country over)
  • Two things I am happy to have working in the house: the stove and the washer
  • Two things we don't yet have: a shower that really works, and a dryer
  • Two things I'm happy for: drying clothes in the sun, and gorgeous geography
  • Two sports Curious Girl has played at since we've arrived in Germany: triathlon (the course designed in collaboration with our 4, 6, and 7 year old neighbors) and roller blading
  • Two things I'm envious of already: the enormous backyard of some friends (who host a Friday night marshmallow roast in the summer, now that their backyard-overlooking-the-quarry has a fire pit and amazing play structure all done); the 1920s era woodwork of other houses.
  • Two things I like about our not-full-of-character house: the weird glass enclosed entryway, which is an awesome place to grow plants, and the bathtub in the hall bathroom, which is long enough for me to stretch my legs out in
  • Two things I am hoping for: my work brain will re-emerge from whatever box I left it in, and the boxes will somehow get unpacked.
  • Two more things I am hoping for: time to write (school will start, which has to improve things), and time/space to cook.

Bonus adorableness: CG had a nosebleed around 4:00 this morning, and I sat up with her for about half an hour cleaning it up and helping get it stopped. Once the bleeding slowed, I had her just sit holding a tissue up her nose while we both started to doze a bit. She was muttering to herself, and I asked her what she was saying. "I'm just teaching my tissue a little Russian."


S. said...

I am very, very, very glad you have that bathtub. Comfortable bathtubs are important. I think maybe it has been too long since I had a bath.

Arwen said...

Hurray! That's a list of life progressing. It sounds like there are things to love and things to negotiate, and I'm happy to hear you settling in.

Phantom Scribbler said...

Oy! on the nosebleed (you know you have my sympathy) and oh! on the adorableness. She really is cuteness incarnate.

Wishing you time to write and to cook!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Hooray for settling in. And for gorgeous geography!

kathy a. said...

do i have to pick? it all sounds pretty good, except the shower and dryer. good good good.

Unknown said...

A little Russian. That's too cute!

What Now? said...

"I'm just teaching my tissue a little Russian."

Seriously adorable.

Good luck with the ongoing work of settling in. Is it helpful or not to know that we've been in our house probably two more months than you and we're still not settled?

Big Poppa said...

Agreed, CG brought a little sunshine to my Monday morning. It made me laugh out loud.

Magpie said...

I love a good bathtub. Love.

And why isn't she teaching her tissue German? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Unknown said...

Clearly, she's been reading Gogol. What other language would a nose need?

I'm glad you're settling in.

Leslie M-B said...

If you find my work brain among your boxes, kindly forward it to me.

Congrats on the settling in.

And the cuteness is too, too much.