06 August 2008

Settling In

  • We have arrived in Germany.  Curious Girl refers to all the children on the block as "my friends," even if she's not met them yet.
  • Tonight, a family we'd met the previous night on their evening walk stopped by to see if CG could play.  We all walked to the park together for a few minutes of playtime, and the girls were busy making plans for an all-day play date tomorrow.  We parents suggested they enjoy the little play date they were actually having and New Friend turned around and said, "But we just met and when you just meet someone you want to have playdates all the time!"
  • We now have rules about the use of an ocarina in the car.
  • The previous owners left behind a soccer ball.  CG is way into the soccer ball, and we play soccer multiple times a day.  We have a running game going now where she is the leader of the Red Team, and the Red Team is playing the Yellow Team.  To get her into pjs tonight, I had to ask her, as team leader, to organize everyone getting into sleeping uniforms.  She hopped to it.
  • Nothing in this house works right, unless it's been updated by Politica and the crack team of workers she's had at the house.
  • Politica totally, completely, utterly rocks.  She has been working long days, overseeing tons of construction, and it looks awesome.  CG's room is a thing of whimsical beauty, the new floors throughout the house are stunning, and her color choices on paint are great.  I can't imagine how she has gotten so much done in so little time.
  • After about 5 minutes of driving here in Germany with CG (who had popped into some game with the ocarina, I think playing school so that she could explain what different whistle sounds represented in the school day), Politica looked at me and said, "how did you do that?"  Clearly, we divided tasks well here, as spending three driving days with Little Miss Imagination was no big deal for me (although trust me, I'm happy to be out of the car).
  • I need to go unpack some more. 
  • It is great to be back with Politica, who totally needs a splendid vacation.


Phantom Scribbler said...

Hooray for well-divided tasks, and your respective rock-star statuses! I'm so glad that you all are there, and ready to start unpacking and settling in.

Mazel tov to you all!

Rev Dr Mom said...

I'm glad you are safely ensconced in Germany (and a little envious, too...) Happy unpacking and setting in!

timna said...

maybe politica wants to come over to my house? I so do not know how to make color choices.

congrats on the journey well done and the new adventure.

kathy a. said...

yay, you're there! sounds like the tasks were very well divided, and CG sounds happy as can be.

Magpie said...

Welcome home!

And this, I love this: "We now have rules about the use of an ocarina in the car."

kathy a. said...

i also love the rules that arise of a peculiar necessity! when my son was mid-teens and in a punk band, we had a household rule about cleaning the elmer's glue off the bathroom sink and hair dryer. [the ultimate mohawk styling product, dontcha know.] when i started college in 1975, there was a dorm rule about "no candle-making in the kitchen," installed some years earlier after some plumbing emergencies.

What Now? said...

Wow, you guys are amazing -- I don't know how you've pulled off all you've done in the last weeks! Happy settling in to your lovely new home.

Ms Jewl said...

Gotta agree about the ocarina rule. I winced just thinking about the events that led to the need for that rule.