22 September 2008

Losing my mind, finding a place

Moving is hard. No matter how much organizing happens while packing, things don't end up in the right places in the new house. The rooms in the new house don't match the rooms in the old house, and we still haven't quite figured out where to put everything. We've made the strategic decision to spend a lot of time out of doors while the weather is good (figuring there's plenty of time to unpack the basement boxes when the weather gets cold). But that means we're living with a level of disorganization in the house that doesn't always feel easy. Politica and I are both coming home from work just bone tired, and that makes it hard to do what needs doing around the house--although I should say that Politica has continued to do a prodigious amount of painting.


Some days, I think that my brain has ended up in a box that we haven't yet unpacked. That's one of the reasons for the bloggy break here: I keep looking at things, thinking "Oh, I could blog about that," and then I can't get the energy to get a thought developed. This too shall pass, yes?


Things lost, which have to turn up eventually:
  • car keys (the second set to each car, packed in a Very Safe Place that is apparently so safe I can't find it to unpack it
  • a silk screened long sleeved tee I bought Curious Girl at the Gorgeous College Town Farmers' Market, which has to have ended up in some odd place in the house or car
  • a binder of recipes, which must be in some box in the basement that is not labeled "kitchen" very clearly
Things I miss about my old job:
  • office staff. It's taking forever to get the staff search organized here, and there's a heck of a lot I don't know that a good staff person will know (or will know how to find out).
  • a hallway full of colleagues. My new space is a little remote, for now.
  • good tech support. New U has a somewhat slow process for handling technical questions, although I'm happy to have my new space located right next to the office that handles faculty technology/teaching questions. That will be a great partner for me, and it sure is nice to just bring my laptop over and get help with some things (if not some of the other things the Slow Central IT Office has to handle).
  • a computer on my desk. One is coming, but it's not here yet.
Things I like about my new job:
  • very cool new renovated space. this is the nicest office I'll ever have, most likely. My chair office had floor-to-ceiling windows on two walls, which was cool, and a stunning view of downtown at night, but this office is all new, freshly painted, with brand new furniture! Very nice.
  • recycling. New U is way into environmental issues. We can recycle virtually everything on campus. In fact, here in Germany recycling is mandatory, and the program is so broad and easy. I'm amazed at how much less trash we're producing.
  • the view. My office doesn't have a view to speak of, but once I"m outside there are lovely views of lake and mountains.
  • the student culture. New U has a much younger student body and they are all busy organizing themselves with lots of public rallies and informational tables and activities. There is something profoundly unnatural about this many same aged people all together, but there's an energy to it that I'm really enjoying.
  • Wellness programs. The university wellness programs for staff and faculty are interesting--there's a masseuse who can be scheduled for massages in your office (which you pay for, but sometimes departments schedule her for the day to be available in the building). There's a program that will pay me $15 in credits (at the coop, or a bookstore, or a movie chain) for walking to work or biking to work 3 days a week for 4 weeks. This is a health-minded place.

I keep thinking to write a post about CG and kindergarten, or the feel of this place, or the feel of the house....but somehow, between the brain-in-the-box and the last stages of unpacking, the prose isn't flowing so well. That will change, too--but apparently, not tonight.


Phantom Scribbler said...

It's good to hear from you, even when you don't feel the prose flowing! Settling in takes an awfully long time, doesn't it? But I'm glad you're there, and immersed in the process of making this new house a home.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Yes, it is good to hear from you, and hear how things are going in Germany and at New U. As it happens, New U is the Kid's first choice college right now.

And moving is very very hard. I hope you feel more settled in before the snow flies:)

S. said...

Just adding to the "so glad to hear from you's"!

I can never do anything at. all. until I'm completely unpacked. The last time we moved I experimented and left the last couple of boxes--well-marked, and clearly A.'s territory--for A. to deal with, and I spent two years thinking yarn I'd purchased for a particular project had just gone missing in the move.

You see where this is going, right?

We'd used it as packing material for a printer A. decided she didn't need anymore, so she didn't unpack it until she was looking for a disc she couldn't find anywhere else.

Two years!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you.
I'd like to be paid to walk to work (maybe I'd consistently do it, then!)

Liz Miller said...


I love New U's town. BigSister went to school there, as you know, and it is therefore my picture of what colleges should be.

Jody said...

It's so good to hear from you!

We've been here for four years, and there are moments (changes in the season, mostly) when I still feel that we have not entirely claimed the place. Moving after children seems entirely different than moving before -- some of the claiming-of-space just inevitably gets deferred, possibly indefinitely.

We had boxes in our living room for 10 months after moving. That stuff really does take a psychic toll. But enjoy the good weather -- fall is so gorgeous.

Thanks for posting an update!

Unknown said...

Very glad to hear from you!!!

Unknown said...
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What Now? said...

I'm sure your extra car keys are somewhere close by our television remotes, which are also apparently still packed somewhere.

elswhere said...

Have faith-- things will turn up!

I know this because we finally found our blender last week.

Bardiac said...

Echoing the glad to hear from yous!

I finally, after a full year, looked through stuff I'd packed (not necessarily unpacking). And now I wonder why the heck I have this stuff that I obviously don't need because I haven't bothered to unpack it. (A lot is seasonal decoration stuff that's from my Mom... but still?)

I hope you find time for things. Either that, or when CG is a teen, she'll explore and find stuff!

julie said...

Glad to read you, as we're all chorusing. And I still have boxes from my move five years ago that didn't get unpacked in the previous house for three years . . . confession!

Tall Kate said...

Moving is just hard, on so many levels. Being easy on yourself as to the extent possible can help. Hope the missing items turn up soon. (I have to say, of your list, it's the binder of recipes that would send me into blind panic!)

Arwen said...

Late to the chorus, but joining! I know that feeling - "I could blog that" - and then having it evaporate.

To everything a season.

kathy a. said...

also late, but hope things are moving along in an acceptable way.