31 October 2008

Good News, Bad News

Good News
  • Halloween in the new neighborhood was pretty fun. Curious Girl and the neighbor kids ran up and down the streets. She gleefully counted her candy: 64 non-chewy pieces!
  • My Obama pumpkin looks mighty fine.
  • Via Lesbian Dad, news of a challenge grant: philanthropist Tim Gill and his partner will match donations to No on 8 up to $100,000.
  • I'm helping to plan a roast for one of my grad school professors. Turns out I like event planning.
  • Cousins come tomorrow!
Bad News
  • I remain increasingly concerned/obsessed/drawn into Proposition 8 coverage. No on 8 is polling slightly ahead of the other side, but past experience suggests we need a 10% advantage in the polls to feel sure of victory. This is going to be close. I liked it better when I thought this election was just going to be about Obama happies.
  • A commenter on one of my recent posts pointed out the Halloween tactics some yes on 8 folks are using: giving out postcards to trick-or-treaters that are ridiculously misleading (telling children that "your mom can be a man" if Prop 8 doesn't pass: let's bring a little transphobia into the homophobia, shall we?). The commenter left a link to a pretty bare bones site, so I googled and discovered some additional evidence for the truth of it. Those singing children are a low, low, dirty, misrepresenting reality trick.
  • Guest bedroom is so.not.ready.
  • Younger cat ran out the door when some trick-or-treaters came, and when Politica ran to get him, he wouldn't come to her, and just growled. He could be anywhere now.
Good news
  • That blogging adage is true! blogging about things really makes them happen. Younger cat came back!
  • We have a lot of candy left over. Not sure whether that's good news or bad news. Anybody want some?
  • Lesbian Dad is just a good, good blog. I'm channeling her this week for good reason. When you have time, click on over there and browse her archives. She's got a way with words--and at the moment, those words are flying for a righteous cause.


Tall Kate said...

You carved an Obama pumpkin? And you didn't post a picture?

I learned about Lesbian Dad's blog from reading about it here -- you're right: a really good blog.

elswhere said...

I carved an Obama pumpkin, too! And I didn't take a picture right away, because it was late, and now I'm sorry because by last night the cut-out stripes at the bottom were sort of sagging and falling into one another. Hope that's not an ill omen.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Yeah, we need a picture of the Obama pumpkin.

And if you have left over chocolate, you can pass some this way...