13 October 2008


Something old, something new
One of Curious Girl's former teachers holds Fabulous Friday as a way to make a little extra money. For $20 or $25, she hosts a small group of kids at her house on a Friday night, from 5-9 or 6-10, feeds them dinner, has fun activities, and a movie. Her 11 year old daughter helps out, and the kids just love it. Curious Girl had the idea to have Fablious (as she calls it) Friday here, but we decided that Super Saturday would be better. So a week ago, we hosted our first Super Saturday. CG invited 5 friends, and had loads of fun getting things ready. Preparations involved random recollections of Fabulous Fridays past, the better to outline the very precise outline of the evening (parental preparations thus involved gentle encouragement about the need to invite friends and let them play). We decided on a craft (painting pumpkins), we decided on activities (playing in the park next door, having a scavenger hunt), we shopped for scavenger hunt prizes (criteria: cheap but not useless: I found some Halloween coloring books, headbands, and pencils at the dollar store).

The kids arrived and immediately started playing in our yard. A couple of parents hung out for a bit, and our neighbor brought over some slices of cake for dessert. CG wanted to serve sandwiches for dinner (PB &/or J, or grilled cheese; some kids opted for yogurt and sliced cheese instead). Politica and another parent took the kids to the park while I got the sandwiches and salad, and fruit prepped). The kids had fun decorating pumpkins with the paints and glitter and yarn. After dinner, we got out flashlights--CG insisted that the scavenger hunt have an outdoor, in the dark, component--and the scavenger hunt was a big hit.

Later that night, CG's former teacher called to see how the evening had gone. I loved having a group of kids over, without the added stresses of a birthday party. One friend asked Politica, "Does Curious Girl do this every Saturday?" and yesterday, after soccer, another guest was telling me his ideas for crafts for the next Super Saturday (not sure how well this would go over: the suggestion was to paint rotten baseballs!). CG was just bursting with pride about being a hostess ("I'll go out in the yard with First Arriving Guest, Mama, and then you can meet the other friends and send them back to me." Later on, she jumped up: "Mama, remember I said I'd help you serve water!")

We watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" after dinner (on blankets, with pillows and popcorn), and all in all it was a lovely night. I like being a family of three, but I love having the house full of kids. I am enjoying watching the friendships CG is forming now. But I missed her good friends from Old Hometown: I kept thinking how much fun it would be to have Historian Friend and Friend Who Needs a Pseudonym's kids over. I went to bed feeling both hopeful and nostalgic, thinking about old friends, seeing possibilities for new friends here.

And with a lovely abstractly painted pumpkin on the back porch table.

All hands on deck
I had the chance to meet up with Reverend Dr. Mom and BabyJ and her mother, which was super fun. You can see the hand photo we took on their blogs--proof that my girl is growing big! I can't believe how large her little hand is.

We had coffee and popcorn sitting at an outside cafe, and when a friend of Rev. Dr. Mom's walked by and said hello, we realized that the friend is also a friend of someone I know professionally. Small world. The friend asked us how we all happened to have met, and we all looked at each other, with a "ok, who's got a good story that doesn't involve spilling the beans about our pseudonymous blogs" sort of look. I said, "Oh, we have mutual friends," which is true. Curious Girl and Baby J got on famously--turns out Baby J loves to play peekaboo and clap, and Curious Girl was very encouraging of Baby J's clapping progress.

Moving is pretty disorienting, but a bloggy meet up was another reminder that this new place is a new source of friendships.

We're going to try hosting Super Saturday once a month. Next week, we're having dinner with a friend of Friend Who Needs a Psuedonym. Another friend has proposed that we trade babysitting monthly, so each set of parents can get a date every other month. We're creating new social routines here, and that feels good. The leaves may be falling off the trees, but I'm starting to feel a new beginning here. It's good.


Arwen said...

Oh, that's AWESOME.

Wordgirl said...

Hi Susan,

I love to read about how you all are settling in -- I wish you lived in Minneapolis rather than Germany -- I find that finding friends gets harder somehow -- and I so miss the particular brand of friendship that comes with academia...

I love the idea of Super Saturday! I have a good friend who is an artist and she actually does an adult event -- with wine -- and some kind of artistic theme --

What a tremendously lucky girl Curious Girl is --


Liz Miller said...

Hooray for the new updates of old traditionsk, the making of new friendships, and the continued cultivation of old ones.

Phantom Scribbler said...

You guys are such rock stars. It would never in a million years occur to me to do such a thing.

Also, jealous of teh blogger meet-up!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! I'm with the other commenters...it's so brave and wonderful what you're doing.

elswhere said...

What a great idea! Maybe we'll do something like that, come to think of it...continued congratulations on making your way in your new home!

Magpie said...

Super Saturday reminds me that I want to start having a monthly potluck...

Tall Kate said...

What fun. I have been toying with the idea of a monthly pizza night, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Knowing me, I will do it, but it will not be for a couple of years, yet.

It's so nice you're finding a sense of belonging --

Rev Dr Mom said...

You absolutely covered that question well...my mind wasn't working that fast!

Super Saturday sounds super!

JMKH said...

What fun that idea is--especially with the onus off of birthdays and gift-giving.