11 February 2009

Some/Thing New

This post is part of Robin's Some/Thing carnival for Freedom to Marry Week, and Mombian's blogswarm on the same subject. Freedom to Marry's event page can help you find local events: get involved!
So many new things of late:

new house
new renovations going on in my bathroom
new office
new colleagues
new bike-commuting lifestyle
new school
new job
new Farmer's Market
new friends
new feelings of loneliness when thinking about old friends who are now far away
new foods
new views
new courses
new texts
new bureacracies
new president

So much, so new, I barely have time to reflect on it all.

And so much new homework sitting next to me: time for a new activity--finish the grading before going to bed.


CJ said...

New is good, but sometimes LESS of a new thing is better! But we only get one life, must fit as much in a possible!!

"B" said...

I think it is pretty cool that you continue to tackle so many new things. Many people stay in their comfort zone and never get to experience the cool things new-ness can bring!