20 January 2006

10 by 10, number 9

81. I've been a mother for exactly three years today.
82. I'm a policy wonk. I like thinking about policies and how structures and policies can make things better for people.

83. I used to have very long hair (down to my elbows). When my (future) father-in-law first met me, he was convinced I was either a Mormon or some kind of Christian fundamentalist because only that kind of person would have long hair, wear skirts, and not drink wine. (to be fair to my f-i-l, he grew up amidst some very dark and conservative Norwegian religious fanatics, although he made those assumptions some 60 years afterwards.)

84. I drink hot chocolate almost every night, made from scratch.

85. I once lived in Lubbock. A lot of people seem to have lived in Lubbock or know someone who did. And now you know me. It is the center of the universe.

86. I'm much better at making lists of things to do than reviewing the lists to see what is on them. I'm trying more of the Getting Things Done approach to see if this helps.

87. Did I mention I play the piano? Not nearly so well as I used to, but I think I'm going to start lessons again. And I'm having fun learning a little violin along with Curious Girl.

88. I keep friends. I'm a good lesbian, and still on good terms with most of my significant exes. And I'm still friends with my best friend from growing up, a friendship that began on the first day of school in third grade. I'm good at maintaining friendships over time.

89. I write letters. Very few people write back, but I still love to write letters.

90. And I love stationery, almost as much as I love shoes.


Anonymous said...

#81 - congrats!!

#88 - cracks me up. I'm a _terrible_ lesbian. ter.i.ble.

#89 - sad! I used to be a good letter-writer, but I have terrible handwriting

#90 - me too! but I don't use it, because (see #89)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a great letter writer. I have been, at a few points in my life, and sometimes I'm a good emailer.

Happy three-years-as-a-mother day!

Anonymous said...

I used to be a very enthusiastic letter writer. Not so much, these days.

Yum, hot chocolate from scratch? Just plain cocoa and sugar, or is it fancier than that?

Happy mother anniversary!

susan said...

Yep, just cocoa (Droste), milk, and sugar. I do have a recipe for absolutely divine hot cocoa that includes an egg and some salt, if I remember correctly, but that seems too time-consuming for a nightly habit.

Thanks for the happy family day wishes, all of you! And Julie, you're making me crack up with your response to 88.