19 January 2006

10 by 10, part the eighth

71. I just told Politica that I'm afraid I'm running out of things to say about myself. She said, "did you write down how you're keeping a list of all Curious Girl's words? And that you kept a list of what she ate and drank and that helped her eating problems get diagnosed?" Well, no, I hadn't. But now I have.
72. I have a nifty grey streak in the front of my hair. When I move or otherwise need to switch hairdressers, I won't go back to anyone who says "you know, you could color that streak."

73. My first cat (as an adult) is named after a 9th century monk who was a minor figure in my dissertation.

74. I had a horrible time selecting a cat at the pound. I picked my cat because he's beautiful, soft, and fuzzy, and I spent several months feeling guilty that my cat preferences indicated I was a shallow and unthoughtful person.

75. When I travel, I like to keep up a hectic schedule. Politica is trying to cure me of this, and mostly she's succeeding. But I still like to do more things in a day than she does.

76. I collect Presidential plates.

77. I love quirky museums. One of my favorite travel memories is the afternoon we spent in the Hermetikkmuseet, a sardine museum in western Norway (where Politica's cousin took us after politely offering to take us anywhere we wanted to see in the city. It was clear she wasn't expecting me to say "the sardine museum"! But we all had fun. Really.) I also liked the People's Palace in Glasgow.

78. I love taking trains.

79. The summer after my PhD exams were over, I mostly sat on the couch and read Harlequin romances (which were in a way big stretch of a way related to one of my exam areas (on the romance) but really, weren't much of a professional help.

80. My uncle sent me postcards from all over the world as he travelled. He went to New Zealand once and sent back a postcard that read "I saw Sir Edmund Hillary today. Do you know who he is?" When I travel now, I send postcards to my nieces and nephew (even if I'm in a much less exotic locale doing more ordinary things).


Anonymous said...

Did you ever wonder if he just knew who Sir Edmund Hilary was, or if it was at some event where Hilary was identified? Would he have just known what Hilary looks like?

susan said...

I think it was some sort of special event where Hilary was identified--a movie screening about Everest or something and Hilary was in attendance (my uncle was rather annoyed that the movie ticket prices were so high; he was in a small town with not much to do that night, or something).

Magpie said...

Have you been to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia?!?